10 ideas that will significantly save space

Even in the largest apartment there will not be enough free space if it is not optimally used. And in the apartment of a small area the problem of keeping things is almost always relevant. Deal with clutter with inexpensive plastic containers and ingenuity.

Storage of kitchen utensils

Even if you have a very comfortable kitchen set, things may not be perfect. Collect the dishes by type and place in wide low containers. First, it will be easier for you to get the right thing. After all, do not have to turn the first row of dishes. Secondly, containers can be put on each other. And it is very convenient when storing low tableware.

Organize a store for baby care

When a child appears in the family, the house is filled with diapers and diapers. Collect everything you need and put in a large container.When you need to replenish stocks, get the necessary funds.

Arrange the food in the refrigerator

Products of one group put in a separate box. Food will not soak up with odors. In addition, you can select the container for what should be eaten first. No more products lost in the bowels of the refrigerator, and found when the shelf life has expired!


Highlight each in a separate place in the bath

Cosmetics for each family member can be stored in a personal container. And no one will face the problem of finding the right means. Storage space for general use will be more.

Highlight box for seasonal decorations

Christmas toys or decor for party decoration can be stored on the balcony or on the highest mezzanine. And maybe in your family decorate the house for other holidays? Label each box with a label that says nothing is lost.

Screw wheels

Using this small device, moving a large container will be very easy. Use the space under the bed for storage.

Table for the designer

Most children will be delighted with this idea. Use transparent boxes to store the details of the designer, covering them with a flat top. At such a table, a child can sit for hours. Perfectionists can offer packaged Circuits in color.

Organizer for stationery

Necessary thing for classrooms and kindergartens. Explain to the children that each item must be stored in a special locker. For home, you can make a smaller organizer.

Storing toys

If you store all the toys in one large container or chest, then in order to get one thing, the child will have to turn everything upside down. During the game, he most likely will not even notice it. And parents will have to accept the mess in the nursery. Help your child organize their toys in groups. So it will be easier to find and remove them after the end of the games.

Jewelry storage

Beads and chains tangle very well. And when you need a specific decoration, you may face the need to disassemble complex knots. Well, if this does not break. So as not to worry about their treasures, store them on separate hooks in a large plastic container.

Rather, go to the store for containers!

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