10 Rules of Etiquette that Every Educated Person Should Know

According to statistics, only 10% know these points.


1. Flowers that can be given to a man:
chrysanthemums, roses, carnations, delphiniums, orchids, bamboo, callas, lilies, anthuriums, gladiolus, tulips, irises, gerberas, plumeria, heliconia, daisies, sunflowers.

Do not forget about the color scheme, when you give flowers to men. Wishes such colors in colors: purple, burgundy, white, blue, green.

Cases when giving flowers to a man is accepted:


  1. Movie premiere;
  2. Concert premiere;
  3. Book publishing;
  4. Publication of the article;
  5. Serious discovery;
  6. Birthday;
  7. Award presentation;
  8. Sports record.

It is believed that the chief is better to give Calla green or emerald green. Composition is better to give professional florists.

2. Handshake

It is not customary for women to say hello to the hand, but if she holds out her hand first, you should shake her, but not so tightly as men.Your handshake should not be weaker than that of a woman, or she will decide that you are a weakling.

The eldest gives the hand first, the teacher or mentor to the student, the boss to the subordinate. You should not change the rules of the game, although there are no castes in our society, you can cause aversion and misunderstanding among those around you.


When you shake hands, you should look into your eyes and smile a little as a sign of friendship. It is disrespectful to look away or even look away when shaking hands. Sometimes averting the eye is perceived as a lie and serves as a signal that such a person cannot be trusted.

3. According to the rules of etiquette, a plate with soup during meals should be tilted away from you!

Some sources say that you can not tilt at all.

4. Men should always get up when the lady leaves the table.

5. There is nothing wrong when a husband calls his wife “bunny,” and she’s his “bunny.”

However, these caressing nicknames are not intended for extraneous ears. When strangers are better to call each other by name.

6. Sometimes it is very pleasant to drink a drink through a straw.

But in such cases one should not suck it to the last drop, as a piercing gurgle will bring discord into the general conversation.


7. Basic modern rules of etiquette in a restaurant:

  • Cut large pieces into smaller ones.
  • When a dish is eaten with your hands, you do not have to hunch and invade elbows into the neighbor's space
  • It is impossible to blow hot food, you need to wait until it cools down.
  • It is better to bite off a little while eating
  • Use a napkin and do not lick your fingers.
  • Always wet your mouth with a tissue.
  • Never wipe your mouth with your hand or speak with your mouth full
  • Even if everyone eats around, it is quite acceptable to eat with fork and knife.
  • You should never put your phone on the table.


8. Chewing gum in public and during conversation is considered vulgar.

9. Riding bad manners, it is considered during a conversation to be distracted by your watch, mobile phone or notebook.

Even if you are tired and bored, do not show it!

10. On the stairs:

  • If a man and a woman are on the stairs, then the man should leave the woman behind him, and when going down, it is necessary to reverse the woman in front. But if the stairs are too narrow, steep or dark, the man should walk in front of the woman.
  • A woman walking upstairs must choose the side with the railing. She can not leave the railings if she meets a man on the way, even if it contradicts the rules of right-hand traffic.
  • The man, being on the stairs, should give way to the railings for women, the elderly and children.


  • If a man climbs the stairs, holding the woman's arm, then the body should move just enough to serve as a sufficient support for the woman, but not to move impulsively and not to pull her forward, just as the man should lead and going down the stairs with the woman.
  • If you meet on the stairs with a person carrying a heavy burden, then you should pause or go to the nearest platform and give way to him.

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