10 ways to create original shoes from old flip flops

A sudden burst of a pair of favorite flip flops can spoil the whole day. Even one spoiled strap will not allow wearing comfortable slippers. But even if the defect is serious, it is not necessary to throw out shoes, create a new outsole and knitting yarn. You will need a hook, an awl and a pattern of your favorite patterns.

You can create any model, from slippers to high boots. You can decide for yourself whether the design will be festive and exquisite, or knitting will be very simple. For example, home slippers can be knitted with needles. Fix together the details of the backdrop with a satin ribbon. Crochet the knitted part with the sole.

A soft sole can be pierced with a needle, a thick needle or an awl. Insert the hook into the hole, grasp the thread and form a column without the crochet. Knit the upper part of the shoe or moccasin with your favorite pattern. If the top should be closed,stop knitting and turn the other way. So you form a shelf. After that, tie another row of loops around the perimeter.

Choose a yarn that is both soft enough so that the shoes do not rub, and strong enough for long wear.

To start knitting, you will need to remove straps and clasps from your shoes. Do it as carefully as possible. It is better to use a ripper. Do not attempt to tear off the strap, as this may damage the sole.

Another way to start strapping is done with a thick needle. It is necessary to pierce the sole and use a seam for processing the edge of the fabric. You can take a denser thread for the warp, and softer for the knit itself.

In some cases, you can glue the knitted part to the sole. But you must be sure of the reliability of your glue. It is better to duplicate the sizing firmware. If you need an inconspicuous seam - use fishing line. Melt its edge to form knots at the ends of sewing.

In order to knit moccasins, knit ordinary slippers, and then additionally knit a slight thickening in the front upper part.

Shoes with a wooden sole awl can not be pierced. Use a hammer and thin nails. It is better to restrict a small number of fasteners for thread.

Summer boots do not go out of fashion for many seasons. Tie them from lightweight cotton yarn using interesting colors and patterns.

More dense option with a high top will protect from cold in the summer evenings.

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