13 original garlands that can decorate the house for the holidays

The holiday season is almost here. And everyone is busy with preparations for future celebrations. To bring Christmas mood closer, start making decorations for yourself at home. Garland is a traditional decoration that can be made from almost anything. For the street they usually make garlands of coniferous branches and bright berries. And for the home material can serve as toys and sweets. Here are a few ideas, inspired by which, you can decorate your room.

Some of the decorations are so simple that even children can cope. Having made several decor items in the same style, you can completely change the style of a room by decorating it in a rustic or modern style.

1. "Sweet" garland

On New Year the whole house is filled with sweets. Therefore, they may well be considered a symbol of this holiday. This garland, although it seems to be quite edible, is actually made of colored felt.

To begin, cut the felt into strips of the same width. You can buy a felt fabric in a shop for creativity, or use any other thick fabric, such as colored wool or felt, for crafts. Traditionally, candy is made red and white. But you can combine other colors. It looks great combination of white with any other bright color. It is more convenient to cut the felt not with scissors, but with a stationery knife.

Smear the colored strip with white glue and place the white on top. Apply another layer of glue and roll the lollipop into a roll. Now it remains to make as many links of the garland as you need for the length you have chosen.

To complement the jewelry, pick up the beads of a suitable color. Transparent plastic or glass that resembles real candy can be best.

It remains only to collect all the components of the garland on the thread. The decoration can be hung on the tree or on the wall of the room. And no extra calories!

2. Garland on the front door

It is not necessary to ruin your wallet to create such beauty. All materials separately can be purchased at the nearest fixed list at a reasonable price.Simply assemble a different decor on a thick wire, add LED lights and a few conifer branches. And now it seems that your door was designed by a real designer.

3. Wreath or garland of burlap

A Christmas tree decorated in ethnic style has been relevant for several seasons. This design looks very comfortable and natural. All that is needed is a long piece of burlap (or several short stitched together) and threads of suitable color.

For this garland used a whole canvas bag. He was cut into strips 10 centimeters wide each. If you have a small tree, the strips can be done already.

Sew all the strips together to make a long ribbon. You can seam on the machine, or manually. Since the garland is sewn in a rustic style, uneven seams and even slight negligence are allowed. For sacking, the seam is best suited for zigzagging, but you can get by with straight lines. You can process the edges of the garland on the overlock or simply grease them with white glue.

It remains only to collect a garland, passing a thick thread in the middle of the ribbon. Use the largest needle for work.

Assemble the thread and secure the knot at the end. Decoration is ready!

4. Classic garland with lights

Such a traditional decor can be quite expensive. But if you buy all the components separately, you can save a lot. Wrap natural or artificial conifer branches with a wide red ribbon, and then pass the LED bulbs through the entire garland. This decoration is perfectly complemented by cones and any Christmas decorations. It remains only to include a garland and you can meet guests.

5. Fir-trees from forms for cakes

A simple master class, with the help of which even children can make a festive decoration.

Creating Christmas decorations can become a real family tradition. Do at least one new item of decor every year, and soon you will have a small collection, each item of which will evoke pleasant memories. Do not forget to write on the back of the jewelry the year on the eve of which it was created and the names of all those who participated in the creative process.

To create such a garland you will need colorful paper mills for baking cupcakes, twine or thick thread, silver sprockets for decor and any glue for paper.If you make Christmas trees with children, it is better to take PVA - it is the least toxic. Flatten each mold to make a paper disc. Fold the disc in half, and then again, to get a quarter of a circle. Alternating colors, glue three such parts to make a semblance of a Christmas tree. Pour for the very top, so that the decoration is bulky.

Decorate each tree with a decor of shiny stars. Take a thick needle and gently string paper trees on a string or a thick thread. By the same technology, you can make a decoration of colored candy wrappers from sweets. Decorate with a real Christmas tree garland!

6. Figured paper chains

We made such garlands in childhood. The principle of creation is very simple. Each link is attached to the previous one, simply by closing the paper strip. In this case, the decor is a bit more complicated. Chain strips are cut from colored paper with a press to shapely cut paper. The result is impressive! It seems that your lace is laced with real lace.

7. Felt tapes in vintage style

Such a decoration is somewhat reminiscent of handmade sweets. Glue together the strips of colored felt or felt.Collect strips into an accordion and strung them on a dental floss. To connect the strips, use a hot gun. Such decoration will look very original, and will perfectly complement another decor in ethnic style.

8. Bright bows

Such a decoration will look great even if it is made of soft felt, and if you use colored shreds of fabric as a material. The main thing is to choose a material for denser. Technology creation is nowhere easier. Cut a lot of identical thin strips, and tie a knot in the middle of each of them. Then thread all the bows on the dental floss or thin wire. The more details you use, the more garland there will be.

9. Flashlights

Decoration can be made of paper, colored cardboard or plastic from the stationery folder. Something similar to each of us was taught to do in kindergarten ... Refine the flashlight, attaching a gray cap on top. Details can be glued together or connected with a stapler. Such an ornament resembles the garlands that decorated Christmas trees many years ago.

10. Paper Fir Trees

To make such a decoration, it is enough to cut a disposable paper plate into four parts.The pieces need to be painted green and stick on the decor of colored paper. Even the smallest ones will cope with this decoration. Adults will only collect Christmas trees on a string.

11. Knitted bows

Making such a garland will take time, but the result is worth it. The bows are crocheted with the simplest knitting, so even a beginner can try to make an ornament.

Tie a ring of thick colored threads. Fold the ring in half and tie it with a thick white thread with pompoms at the ends.

To create pompoms, you need two thick rings of cardboard. The diameter of the ring must match the diameter of the pom-pom. The inner hole should be small so that a small ball can fit into it. Wind the ring with thread, passing the ball through the hole. When the entire ring is covered with threads, cut the threads along the outer edge so as to separate the two paper rings. Draw a thread between the cardboard layers, and tie a pom-pom in the middle. Remove the cardboard and give the pompon a round shape.

Collect all bows on a string and hang a garland in the chosen place.

12. Three-dimensional Christmas trees

Such a decoration will look spectacular even if you make it out of velvety cardboard. And if you make an effort, and carve out the details of plywood, garland will last for many years.You just need to cut two triangles, one of which will have a vertical slot, and insert the parts into one another. You can simply paint the trees in green or paint them to make them look like dressed trees.

13. Fluffy chains

You can make chains on the tree of the most unusual materials.

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