13 ways to clean the cutting board, which you might not know

Chopping boards are needed in every kitchen. We cut into them all the products, from vegetables to hard cheeses. We do not always have a separate board for each food group, and fruits and raw meat can be cut on one board. And although after each use the board is washed, the result is not perfect. Regular soap and cleaning agent are not as effective as necessary. After several years of use, the board almost completely fails. But do not rush to throw it away until you try out the original cleaning methods.

1. Salt and lemon

This method is very suitable for cleaning wooden cutting boards. Spread a large salt on the board, and then start rubbing it with half a lemon, squeezing the fruit so that the juice begins to stand out. Grind to the formation of gray liquid on the board. After the salt has dissolved, simply rinse off the rest of the mixture with water and wipe dry.

2Lemon juice

If there is no fresh lemon on hand, the recipe with salt can be changed by simply adding lemon juice from the bottle to it. Wipe the gruel board using a stiff sponge. If the pollution is very strong, leave a slurry of salt and juice for a couple of hours. In this case, you need to make the mixture thick enough, and there should be more salt in it.

3. Vinegar

Vinegar perfectly helps get rid of stains. You can use it in pure form or dilute with water in proportions of 1: 1. Vinegar not only cleans the board, it also kills bacteria. Pour the solution into the spray bottle, and add to the board each time after use. Then wipe with hydrogen peroxide, and then simply wash the surface with running water.

4. Bleach

Bleach - the best tool for cleaning plastic boards. Fill the sink with hot water and add half a cup of liquid bleach or whiteness. Leave the board in the sink for 20-30 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with soapy water to remove traces of chemicals.

5. Baking soda

If the board began to smell bad, try to get rid of the smell with a paste of water and baking soda.Make a thick gruel on the board, and leave it for a while. Wash off the soda and dry the board with a towel. The unpleasant smell should disappear.

6. Vaseline

Wooden boards should not be left in the water for a long time, they are covered with ugly stains. And although they do not interfere with the use of the board, putting it in a prominent place will no longer work. Just rub the stain on the board with Vaseline and leave for 12 hours. After vaseline is absorbed, wipe off the residue and wash the board. Spots should disappear.

7. Toothpaste

If the board has become rough over time, you can polish it with a mixture of soda and toothpaste. Just choose a white paste, not a gel. Wipe the surface along the wood fibers. After wipe the board with a damp cloth and dry.

8. Grated apples or potatoes

Another effective way to eliminate unpleasant odor is to cover the board with a gruel of grated apple or potato. Leave the gruel for 10-15 minutes, and then just rinse with water. The smell will be much better.

9. Microwave

Boards of small size can be disinfected in the microwave. The method is not suitable for thin plastic.Do not leave the board in the oven for more than one minute. You can pre-wipe the board with soapy water and lemon.

10. Laundry soap

Be sure to process the board with a thick foam after cutting raw meat on it. It is better to immediately apply the foam, and only then wash off the traces of blood with water. Wipe the board immediately after cutting so that the stains do not penetrate deep into the wood grain.

11. Steel sponge

In the most neglected cases, you will have to turn to mechanically cleaning. A steel sponge actually removes a thin layer of wood, removing the stain. You should not resort to this method too often, but with some contaminants you can not do without it.

12. White Spirit

If the stain is too strong, moisten the steel sponge in the White Spirit solution and rub it gently. After that, you need to thoroughly wash the chemical with soapy water. Dry the board outdoors so that the fumes are completely evaporated.

13. Vegetable oil

Another way to polish scratched boards. Mix 3/4 of the oil with 1/4 of the vinegar and polish the board. It should be smooth.

Any of these tips will greatly facilitate your cleaning in the kitchen.Try everything and choose the best!

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