20+ Toys for children from cardboard boxes

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It often happens that a baby is happy about a new toy bought in a store, and after a couple of days forgets about it. Children like everything new, bright and unusual. But constantly to please the child with toys from the store is not always affordable for parents. And you try to make toys for the child with their own hands. This is a very cheap option to surprise your baby and you can attract a child to the interesting process of creating a house, car, plane or camera from ordinary cardboard boxes.

To start creating your own unique items, you will need a minimum of tools — scissors, tape, glue, and cardboard boxes. Agree, it is easy to find in any home.

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See also:

We have collected 20 original ideas, it is not necessary to copy exactly what you see in the photos.Talk to your child about what he wants, rate his or her own and start an exciting lesson!

For boys

Guys usually love transportation. And not just a small toy that will stand on the table, but a transport in which they could feel like a driver, pilot or navigator. Below you will see how to make a cardboard plane and a small car.

For girls

Well, of course, these are various houses and castles in which they can retire or place their numerous toys there. And you can make a cardboard kitchen - the dream of every young woman.

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