20 sculptures from which breathless! They are not subject to the laws of physics

Art has always pleased us on the streets of cities. Some world sculptures are sometimes amazing. It creates a feeling that they are not subject to the laws of physics! It is unlikely that you will ever be able to forget such a sight!

Paige Bradley created the sculpture “Expansion”. Now she is in New York, in America.

Sculpture “Rain” from the Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyuk. It is located in Kiev.

Singapore sculpture by Mark Quinn struck the whole world. This baby just hovers above the ground!

The Grenada Underwater Museum, which was created by Jason DeCher Taylor.

"Sudden appearance" from the sculptor Erwin Lorent Herve in Budapest.

Sculpture of Jerzy Kendzer in Poland.

Jobs sculptor Jaume Plensa in Yorkshire Park in England. She was called “Nuria and Irma”.

Nicole La Varenne created a balancing sculpture in France.

"The Last Supper" in the American Death Valley. It was created by the sculptor Albert Shukalsky.

In English Yorkshire Park, you can see the sculpture “Seated”. Her creator Sophie Rider.

The sculpture “Features of gravity for an elephant” was devoted to the theory of Daniel Freeman.

The sculpture “Karma” in New Orleans from Do-Ho Soo.

Greek abstractionist Kostal Varotos created the sculpture “The Running”. She can be seen in Athens.

Steel sculpture "Face" from the personal collection of Anthony Howe.

The Awakening sculpture was created by Seward Johnson. It is located in Washington.

Geneva “Wanderer” from Cedric Le Borne.

The stunning sculpture “Dance with Dandelion” can be seen in England.

Sculptor Norton Flavel created the work "By the Sea". She can be seen in Australia.

Sculptor Rob Mulholland installed original glass sculptures in a forest in Scotland.

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