20+ things with which to cook definitely will not be boring

Each designer dreams of his work aroused admiration. And the authors of these things managed to achieve it. The one who purchased at least one thing for his kitchen, from the list below, for a long time provided himself with a great mood.

Grater in the form of a hedgehog

It may not be possible to grate a lot of vegetables on it, but the cheese for the paste will be fine. If you have a child, she will probably want to do it herself.

Sinister spots

Someone is most afraid of spilling something in the kitchen. Others are willing to pay money for stains. Especially if it is a chopping board, or a stand is a floor ladle.

Best friends for everyone

Special shapes will make the ice cubes in the form of diamonds. Designers even offer several types of cut.

Relaxing tea

This teapot literally bathes in your circle, creating a feeling of comfort and tranquility.

Jurassic Soup

Such a ladle will not fall into the pan. And if you put it on the table, the liquid will not spread over its surface.


The lid against boiling is familiar to many, but this steam comes out through the pipes of the ship. Another thing you want to watch for hours.

Take a punch

A dynamic and militant knife stand is ready to withstand any attack of yours.

Cat's Pattern

It is enough to go through such a roll with the test to give the liver or cake an amazing shape.

Very dangerous tea

Floating on the surface of the boiling water this strainer makes the tea darker and darker. Particularly impressive accessory will look when brewing carcade.

Easy to chop greens

As if in your hands several pairs of scissors. Salad can be cooked in just a few minutes!

Wonderful transformation

With this magic wand with salt or spices you can turn an ordinary salad into an incredibly tasty one.

Deep dive

Funny diver make you regret that the tea is brewed too quickly.

Gloves against cold

Everything is logical. Gloves are the thing that should be in contact with cold things.Witty design of ice tongs.

Form for toast slicing

For the most positive breakfast.

The form has several different nozzles that allow you to change the appearance of the bear.

The finished piece of bread must be decomposed and supplemented with vegetables or fruits.

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