25 nice little things for the desktop

From how your workplace looks directly depends on your performance, because it's much nicer to sit in the office at your desk or in your own office, when you are surrounded by small, but such pleasant little things, looking at which immediately raises the mood.

Lazy clips

A beard is never redundant

Mite for dust removal

Mice, which can be cats and dozens of other animals

Charming flash drives in the form of toasts


Stickers in the form of ghosts, with which you can make notes, not smearing a book

Otter, with which you will no longer look for the end of scotch

Rabbit ears note board

Erasers in the form of animals

Key Pencil Sharpener

Magnetic Eskimo

Note paper in the form of donuts.

Date: 09.10.2018, 09:51 / Views: 65182

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