6 cool apps to help find friends

Or how to find like-minded people on the Internet to communicate with them in reality.

A smartphone or tablet, when used properly, helps not only to fight with the blues, but also to quickly make new friends. Mobile apps will especially help shy girls who don’t believe in themselves and rarely talk to strangers. Due to the format of easy communication on interesting topics, you can replenish your surroundings with interesting and enthusiastic people. And this is an additional source of motivation and good mood.

We selected the most interesting applications and askedGregory Bakhin, a practicing psychologist and a performer of the YouDo.com online consumer services, comment on them.

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Tandem will help you learn a foreign language.

Some easily communicate with anyone, but complain in bad English, others cannot say a word, although they have learned several languages. Both topics will be helped by the Tandem application, which allows you to find a partner for language practice all over the world with whom you can talk on interesting topics at any time.Even if you need a holder of a rare language: Persian or, say, Indonesian.

Psychologist's comment

“We can say that this is a new format of education, when knowledge, in this case language, is obtained in the process of pleasant and easy communication. Learning a foreign language in this way is psychologically much easier than forcing yourself to sit behind textbooks. But do not forget that this is just one of the ways. For best results, it is better to combine several approaches, for example, practice a mobile application, work with a teacher, and study grammar and rules on your own. ”

YouDo will find like-minded people.

The mobile application will help not only to find helpers for work and household chores, but also to introduce like-minded people. For example, you would like to spend the evening in a cafe and talk to a man who is passionate about surfing. To do this, it is enough to place an application to which the candidates will respond. You can select a new friend from a profile photo, and discuss meeting details in personal correspondence right in the mobile application.

Psychologist's comment

“The story of an enthusiastic person about his hobby or profession inspires much more than books or articles on this topic.In addition, the interviewee immediately receives a portion of the necessary information and answers to their questions. It gives motivation and helps to act: start going to the gym, sign up for a dance lesson, choose a camp for surfing, etc. "

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Jam will put together an excellent company.

There are so many interesting things happening in the city: concerts, exhibitions, shows, presentations, master classes. I want to go everywhere, but not with anyone. Jam app helps you find a company for any occasion. With it, you can send an invitation to friends, relatives, acquaintances. It is especially convenient to plan a weekend outside the city in such a way - there is a chance to gather a big and cheerful company. Using the application, you can also share the announcements of events, so as not to miss anything.

Psychologist's comment

“Whether a person experiences happiness, enjoys life or sadness, depends on his inner state, as well as the actions he performs. We are responsible for our own mood and can influence it. For example, if we are active and invite friends and acquaintances to the cinema or to the country, instead of being locked up and complaining about fate. ”

Meetup helps you find support.

In this application, you can learn to cook, dance, play board games and find other activities in the company of people with the same interests. There are communities of lovers of reading, active recreation, fitness, owners of dogs and cats, a search group of contacts in the professional sphere, communities for those who have recently moved to the city, support communities. In such a company, everyone can feel better and achieve their goals, whether they are participating in a marathon, building a career or playing a drum set.

Psychologist's comment

“Any tasks are solved much easier if a person has a“ support group ”- people who can praise, direct, shake, give practical advice, and also say important words:“ You can do it all ”,“ You can ”. Often we seek such support from relatives, but other people can give it. It is important that the mobile application helps to quickly find such like-minded people in the right field. ”

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Tinder finds a pair of friends

Despite the fact that this application is the most popular for romantic dating in the world, it helps not only to find a couple.If you are not looking for relationships, then with the help of the service you can simply communicate with new people and expand the circle of friends with whom you will have fun, travel and enjoy pleasant communication, wherever you are. In order to make acquaintance in this application, do not even need to start a dialogue. It is enough to like the photo you like and, if the interviewee is also interested, immediately start communicating. The system of mutual consent excludes contact with an undesirable or intrusive interlocutor. Everything is built on the basis of mutual interest and sympathy. Here you can keep in touch online or go to a real acquaintance by making an appointment.

Psychologist's comment

“Tinder is suitable for people who are active, travel a lot, love to find new friends. We can say that this application is similar to Instagram: you just like the photos you like, and with such minimal effort, the acquaintance is tied up automatically. With a targeted search, it is quite easy to find a couple, and the interlocutors are very active in communicating through other instant messengers or immediately agree on a personal meeting.You need to understand that a serious relationship can also start from now on.

The main problem of young people now is the syndrome of "eternal search." A quick first contact gives rise to the feeling that you can always find someone else. There is a chance to fall into a sense of flow and a certain dependence on "matches", especially since such a gaming choice greatly influences the self-esteem of any person. ”

Yep! suggest joint activities

Walk, sport, lunch, coffee - whatever you choose, yep! will find you a company. The mobile application is focused on meetings "here and now", so the placed application is valid for only an hour. This is enough to find a person with similar interests and organize a meeting. This format is great if you are sad and want to quickly cheer up. A new acquaintance is best suited for this.

Psychologist's comment

“We can’t be joyful 99% of the time, life is so arranged. Periodically, a person falls into apathy, feels lonely - this is normal. But if a bad mood has become permanent, something needs to be done. For a start, you can try to unwind and switch, for example, to communicate with an interesting person. If the depressed state has become the background of life, you should consult a specialist. ”

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