7 Homeless people who have become celebrities

In life, there are ups and downs. It is very easy to fall into the grip of circumstances and certain situations. The secret is how you perceive them and what you take out of these situations. TheAdme.ruteam gathered for you7 motivating storiesabout celebrities who were previously homeless.

Chris Pratt

After graduation, Pratt went to college, but lasted there for one semester. As a result, he worked as a ticket seller and stripper, eventually becoming homeless. He often had to sleep in a van or in a tent on the beach.

Pratt's 19-year-oldstarred actress Ray Don Chong and in 2001 he received his first role. Soon the career went up the hill. And recently, he led the life of a homeless artist inLos Angeles. Pratt did not even have a first photo session, he used the house of a friend.

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Charlie Chaplin

The king of the silent film era, Chaplin survived a difficult path to heights of glory.In 1899, his father died when Charlie was not yet fulfilled and10 years, and her mother suffered from mental illness. The boy had to work and sleep in the streets of London. But it did not break him.

In1917Chaplin built his own studio.

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Jim Carrey

A talented actor, screenwriter, producer - he learned in early childhood what it means to be homeless. The Kerry family, in which there were three other children besides Jim, was constantly in financial trouble: his father, who worked as an accountant, had a hard time making ends meet.The family had to constantly change their place of residence, children often worked part time in their free time. However, when his father lost his job, the family had to change their home to a camper.

In1979year, he moved to Los Angeles. During a concert at The Comedy Store, Rodney Dangerfield noticed Kerry and signed a contract with him.

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Sylvester Stallone

There is no doubt that Stallone will have enough earned royalties for the rest of his life. But, despite its current state, Stallone knows what it is like to be at the bottom.As a teenager, he spent the night in the port for about a month, as he was left without a livelihood and no shelter. In an interview, he admitted that he was forced to sell his dog, as he was not able to feed him. Later, he stumbled upon an announcement of casting for an adult film, where he earned his first$ 100as an actor.

As a result, he wrote the script for the film"Rocky Balboa", inspired by the fight of Muhammad Ali, and sold it with the condition of his participation in the main role. This film brought him worldwide fame.

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Halle Berry

A well-known Hollywood actress, winner of numerous awards, among which two "Oscars", in one of her interviews said that at the beginning of her acting career she was forced to live in a doss house with homeless for a while.When she was21year, Holly, hoping to become an actress, moved to Chicago, but she quickly ran out of money. The mother refused to help her out financially, knowing that her daughter must learn to take care of herself. As a result, Berry had to move out of a rented apartment and go to live in a shelter for the homeless.

Holly Berry rose to the top of stellar glory thanks to the impeccably talented game in the romantic drama“Monster's Ball”, which was released in 2001 and brought her first Oscar to the actress "The best female role."

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Steve Jobs

The CEO ofAppleand the creator of such products as the iPod and iPhone, went through difficult student years: “There was a time when I slept on the floor in rooms with friends and handed over bottles, to buy a veggie burger. Now, after receiving shares and ownership of several billion dollars, my everyday life has changed somewhat, but I swear it was not me. ”

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Daniel Craig

The current James Bond has earned more than$ 20 millionfor justSkyFoll. It seems to us - an ample amount of money to feed themselves and their families. But for Craig before everything was not so simple, in one of his interviews he said that he had previously been forced to do horrible things for the sake of survival. He often slept on benches and agreed to any part-time job to stay afloat.

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