A large selection of seams and stitches for hand embroidery

Today it was the turn to study the means of artistic representation in embroidery - various stitches. Be patient, read the article to the end, you are waiting for motivation and inspiration!


I have to say that with such an incredible variety of stitches and techniques in embroidery, we will consider only the most important and interesting, in my opinion, my favorite ways of embroidery.

Cross.I will start with the simplest, but at the same time with the most significant element and method of embroidery. About his connection with the rites and beliefs of the ancient Rus, we have already spoken in the first part of our conversation about embroidery. The cross was considered protection from dark forces and any evil. It is now used for the same purposes. The cross is laconic and beautiful, but the most magical and incredible for me is that thanks to the small prickly hedgehog ”images are obtained. It's all about the size and quantity of these "hedgehogs," of course. Crosses are like pixels: the more there are, the clearer and more realistic the image.


Thread consumption will be less, work will move much faster, embroidery will look neater if you first embroider the lower diagonals of all crosses (for example: right to left from bottom to top). And then you will already finish crosses perpendicular to the crossbar (for example: from left to right from the bottom up). Note! The figure shows a way to save time: it is not necessary to pull the needle under the embroidery frame, and then again to return it to the front side of the embroidery. You can make a stitch in one motion and immediately be in the right place! 🙂 That's such a little trick.

When people talk about cross-stitch, it’s simple at once.cross or "Russian cross", and there are still many types of cross-stitch.


I will stop for a while on a complex (double) cross and on a calculating surface.

Double crossor “Bulgarian cross” is a bit like a snowflake and consists of two crosses superimposed on each other with a shift.

the seam


Cross stitching also applies tocountable smooth surface.Let me remind you that this “smooth” surface is called because the stitch length is determined by the read number of warp threads (canvas).


Now it will be logical to get acquainted with the calculus of the smooth surface - withunmatched stitch. In Russia, it was called"Satin".The surface of the finished embroidery is smooth and smooth as an atlas. An atlas differs from a calculating surface in that the length and direction of its stitch are determined only by the contour of one or another embroidery detail.


Forsatinit is important to prepare a "flooring" - this is like a skeleton for musculoskeletal tissue, as the foundation for a future home. The floor can be a contour of the embroidery part (leaf, petal, etc.) “circled” with chain or other stitches (we will consider the chain stitch later).


If the detail is large-scale embroidery, then flooring is needed (as I call it) over its entire area, which is often performed with threads to match the background. Floor stitches can be quite rare, they should not cover the entire area of ​​the part, but it is important that they are perpendicular to the future basic embroidery with satin. Such a “foundation” will support the top embroidery, make it voluminous, give it a neat and even look. The front (top) stitches of the smooth surface itself will not fall through or sag. Also pay attention to the tension of the thread during embroidery so that the stitches fit tightly, but at the same time do not tighten the fabric.

For extra volume, the part can be embroidered in two layers, the stitches of which are perpendicular to each other.

The next number of our program will bechain stitch.The seam "chain" or "tambour" is a continuous chain of loops that go out one of the other. The loops can be small and large depending on the thickness of the thread and the length of the stitch being performed. Embroidery pattern embroider various patterns on a free contour or cover the whole plane of the motif with rows. This seam also has its variations and complications.


smooth surface

"Loop with attachment"can be considered a kind of chain stitch or rather a single element of it.

And now on our stage "French knot"- the most wonderful depictive in embroidery! With it, you can easily give the work volume and charm. You can see for yourself what different images you can create with the help of this small, but distant nodule. 🙂


Meanwhile, it is done very simply: the needle is wound around with two circles of thread, splits into the fabric next to the end of the thread from the fabric and drags through these loops. Knot is ready!


The next stitch is Rococo.Mnot this name resembles a chicken.🙂 And if the “French bundle” is a chicken, then rococo is his mother, because rococo is a complicated interpretation of the French bundle, in my opinion. For rococo, the needle must be inserted at a distance from the thread's exit from the fabric, and when the needle end appears next to the thread coming out of the canvas, a little more loops of thread should be wound onto it than for the knot. After you stretch the needle and thread through the loops, you will get a "caterpillar" or "smile", as someone likes. We lay it as required by the idea and composition of the embroidery, and fix it, sticking the needle into the fabric in the right place. Pay attention that the thread should be completely covered with loops: the “caterpillar” should turn out to be tight. To do this, the number of revolutions of the thread around the needle should correspond to the distance between the exit of the thread from the fabric and the subsequent entry of the needle into the tissue. You can slightly tighten and tighten the eyelets on the thread, but not to infinity.


Rococo is most often used for embroidery of flowers and leaves.



And now ... My favoritehemstitch.When my mother taught “workshops” (labor) in a pedagogical school, she voluntarily mastered this kind of needlework, although she already owned and owns an impressive set of creative skills.In the evenings, I watched with delight as Mom conjures hoops and does wonders with threads ...

In my opinion, the most unpleasant thing in hemming is the boring and rather time-consuming process of pulling the threads out of the fabric (pulling) to create a “bridgehead”: for further creativity. And then you need to arm yourself with some optics and provide good lighting (as for any kind of needlework). If you gain patience, then you are guaranteed a masterpiece! Merezhka is the spirit of folk embroidery! It is incredibly beautiful, original and gentle! See for yourself:

chain stitch

There are different merezhki. There are hem styles that are designed to work with “paths” (as I call for myself holey plucked striped spaces on fabric). And there are types of hemstitch suitable for decorating and processing the corners of the future pattern.

stalked seam



happy woman

To avoid disappointment, you need to start with a “sprint race” - with a simple view of a merezhka and a short “track”. When a positive result inspires you, you can take on the more difficult variants of this through embroidery. Dare!


In my opinion, merezhka is a weaving sister and a relative of macrame.

I bow to the beauty and nobility of another type of embroidery.Get acquainted! Greatrichelieuhimself. As well as merezhka, this method of embroidery is borderline with other types of needlework. Richelieu is very similar to lace. Also, the cuticle is close to knitting and macrame, because it contains “hinged” (as I call them) elements above the fragments of fabric that will be cut out later. These braided strings of string, similar to cable bridges over the abyss, like the Atlanteans hold the whole composition and central fragments of openwork, through embroidery.

% image_alt%

% image_alt%

% image_alt%

The next stitch that we are going to look at isstalked.With your permission, I'll finish it. But do not rush to leave. 🙂 At the end of this article you will find the most interesting!

% image_alt%

% image_alt%

This was our last "exhibit" for today. But please read the publication to the end.

If all this time you have admired the products of masters, admiring pictures and photos, and with sadness thought that you could not create such masterpieces ...I will give you reasons that can inspire you.

1. In China, there is a woman who was born without hands in the truest sense of the word. The most amazing thing is that she is a talented embroideress!

% image_alt%

Agree that after this talk about yourself full and healthy: "armless" or "out of place hands grow" - just a sin!

2. The modern world offers to help so many all sorts of devices that facilitate the process of creativity and help to receive one continuous pleasure from embroidery.

% image_alt%

At your disposal are comfortable lamps with magnifying glasses to save your eyesight. The hoop is designed in various sizes, shapes and patterns, as well as whole installations for fastening fabrics during embroidery.

3. We have much more opportunities, time and energy for creativity.for pleasure, than our great-great-grandmothers, who had subsistence with domestic animals and birds, a garden-garden, as a rule, large families and heavy physical labor in the field.

4. You can not only enjoy the process of creativity, but also use the result (the product of your activity). It can be a wonderful gift for loved ones, a talisman of your home, an ornament for yourself. Someone for their hobby also receives a material reward, as masters of the Fair, for example.

5. And finally, the most importantin my opinion! Creativity gives a modern woman the opportunity to feel a little fairy, a good sorceress, creator of coziness and a good atmosphere in the house. Embroidery or other kind of creativity can make you even more "kind and happy" woman, wife, mother, sister, girlfriend ... Any needlework is many times more useful for peace of mind and health in general than viewing TV shows or gossiping with neighbors. Creativity helps to relieve stress, find inner harmony and peace.

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