A quick way to install pillars

It is quite possible to save time and effort in installing wooden poles by resorting to this simple and simple technique. So, immediately to the point, what is the trick. The usual, classic method involves digging a well, installing a timber and pouring an empty cavity with a ready-made concrete solution. In a nutshell, of course. What does the quick installation method mean? The fact is that the preparation of concrete takes a lot of time and effort. I propose to omit these steps and prepare the composition directly in the well for the installation. See what happens next is no worse.

You need

  • Cement-sand mixture. All is calculated individually. Usually leaves 1 to 3 bags per post. The average bag is 25 kg, sold in any hardware store.

We install a wooden pole in a fast way

At the beginning, everything is as usual: dig a ditch about 1 meter depth of Put a stone or a brick on the bottomset and align all the posts in height.
A quick way to install pillars
Beam on all sides, to be stable, to enclose stones or fragments of bricks.
Quick way to set the columns
Align all the level in all planes.
Fast way to install the pillars
And here's the application of the non-standard method: we take a watering hose with tap water and very abundantly water the voids in the well.
Fast way to install the pillars
Open the bag with the cement-sand mixture and evenly scatter it on all sides of the pillar.A quick way to install pillars
Before backfilling, I strongly recommend using a respirator or dust mask for builders. It will not be superfluous to put on goggles so that the mixture does not get into your eyes. At these steps you can fix the pillar if it has moved to the side.
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