Simple Bar Organizer

Materials and tools:

  1. bars;
  2. saw;
  3. sandpaper;
  4. drill and drill;
  5. caliper;
  6. felt-tip pen, pencil or pen;
  7. varnish and brush.

Step 1

First, we make a large organizer block for markers: from the wooden bar we cut off the workpiece 12x28 cm. The dimensions of the blocks can be any - at your request.

Draw a bar and mark places for future holes. We made holes in 3 rows in staggered order: in 1 row - 4; during  3; 3 again - 4.

Step 2

With a gauge measure the diameter of the felt-tip pen and select the appropriate drill.

Step 3

Let's drill one (test) not through hole and try to insert a marker. If everything is good: the diameter and depth are sufficient, the marker is easily exposed and taken out, and also holds firmly - we drill all the other holes in the block.

Sandpaper, sand block organizer. You can also paint the block immediately.

Step 4

From the bar, we cut off one more piece of the organizer for the pencils.

Step 5

Repeat the same steps as with markers: measure the diameter of the pencil, select the drill, mark the places for the holes, drill the holes, grind and paint. It's simple.

The block organizer from the baris ready, now all the stationery   has its place and they are always at hand. You can make more blocks, for example, for brushes, pens and much more. Do organizer blocks can be different in height, size, combine them to your taste. It all depends on the need and your imagination.

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