A slice of grapefruit cake

We will need: polymer clay (brown and white), stationery knife, toothpicks or awl, acrylic paint, plastic grapefruit sausage, tweezers. 1. Roll a small piece of brown plastic into a layer of 1.4-1.7 millimeters thick. Cut a triangle with a knife.
we cut the clay
2. Roll a small piece of white plastic into a layer of 1.4-1.7 millimeters thick. Put a carved triangle on it.
 piece of clay
3. Press the brown triangle to the white layer and cut along the edges. Put the resulting piece on a layer of brown plastic with a white side. Cut along the edges again, but this time do not press down. Set the brown triangle aside.
 slice of grapefruit cake
4. Take a pin and put on the white side as shown in the photo. Stick a brown triangle on top.The pin is needed in order to make a keychain or a pendant out of the cake.
 a slice of grapefruit cake
5. Take an awl or toothpick. Use a small circular motion to make a texture on the long sides of the piece.
 slice of grapefruit cake
a slice of grapefruit cake
6. You can stick small pieces of brown plastic to the short side to imitate chocolate chips.
 slice of grapefruit cake
7. Apply on the cake with a toothpick white acrylic paint no more than a millimeter thick.
slice of grapefruit cake
8. Take a grapefruit sausage. It can be bought, or made by own strength. Cut the sausage.
 slice of grapefruit cake
9.Put the tweezers on the cake.
slice of grapefruit cake
10. From the remnants of white and brown plastic, make small circles and put them on a cake with a toothpick. Press lightly.
 slice of grapefruit cake
11. Bake the cake in aerogrill. The temperature and time of baking are indicated on the packaging of the clay from which you sculpted. After baking, varnish the product. A piece of cake is ready! You can make a keychain or suspension from this workpiece. You can make many small cakes and make a bracelet, earrings or necklace from them. Imagine!
 slice of grapefruit cake

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