Air glass partition - 20 examples for your inspiration

A transparent glass partition is by right the most stylish, simple and at the same time unobtrusive way to visually separate one zone from another. It is installed in studio apartments to share the living room and kitchen, and also used as a stunning decor in different rooms. This solution looks very unusual!

The transparent partition separates the space of two different zones concisely. At the same time, its glass surface does not prevent the spread of light across all rooms.

That is why it so successfully replaces a simple door or wall. Please note: to install a partition instead of a wall, you must obtain permission from the appropriate authorities (BTI or management company).

In other cases, for example, when the weightless structure is installed arbitrarily, not adjoining the walls, the owners have their hands free: here the real creativity begins!

The glass partition with success will separate a working zone in kitchen from the dining room.At the same time, the hostess will not feel locked in four walls: a transparent and thin wall only outwardly separates the two zones. See how the homeowners did by creating a compact box of glass partition near the working area in the kitchen.

You can install a glass partition in the middle, between the living room and the kitchen, separating two rooms from each other, but not completely closing them.

Pay attention: the glass partition can be of several kinds. You can choose a design with one or two opening doors. In addition, folding and rotating partitions have become popular recently. This novelty will certainly become the highlight of your interior!

The glass partition can be made to order the desired size, shape and select the desired material. The most popular are metal inserts and solid wood material - it all depends on your goals and the general interior of the room.

And with the help of a glass partition you can create a small home garden! Take a look at this wonderful, even fabulous decor, skillfully created by designers.

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