All-glass partitions and a variety of ways to finish them

All-glass partitions and a variety of ways to finish them

By its properties, glass is unlike any other material. In fact, nothing else can provide so much freedom in the choice of aesthetic techniques for its decoration, as it is always ready to do it. In addition to their own unique properties of structures such as all-glass partitions, for example, their ability not to interfere with the penetration of artificial and natural light, which has a positive effect on the energy saving policy and human comfort, effectively correct the architectural deficiencies of the room, increase sound insulation, they are able to well, fit perfectly into any design style. And all this is due to the fact that glass can be subjected to a variety of finishing techniques.To date, we know a huge number of ways to decorate the installed all-glass partitions, worthy of the most detailed consideration.

How can the linens be trimmed?

Full-glass partitions can use internal filling as a purely transparent, colorless property, and color, inherently glass, toned, decorated with painted acrylic paints, for example, patterns, as well as many other decor techniques. The most common among them can be called matting, engraving, pasting with film material, the use of metals and polymers as surfacing. Recently, more and more attention has been paid to an absolutely unusual from the point of view of a modern person method of decorating for selectable all-glass partitions, which, in fact, is a spectacular reanimation of the ancient traditions of glass decoration. It is about the use of stained glass patterns, as well as mosaic technology. In this case, any technique can be used in the plane of artistic expression, both thematic and abstract, and even reflect specific advertising or information goals.

Additional décor elements of all-glass partitions being purchased

Sometimes artistic frivolity in a strict office style is simply irrelevant, and then they resort to one completely universal and remarkable in its essence method of decorating acquired all-glass partitions - to supplement their design with blinds systems. Their installation can be made both in the hinged, and in the way which is built in a double cloth. As an alternative to the blinds can be seen and spectacular Japanese curtains made of materials and colors, of course, a suitable design style.

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