All roads lead to Lazio.

The miracle of human hands -Pantheon. After the temple of the gods suffered a fire in 118, it was restored for a long time by order of the emperor Hadrian. The dome of the Pantheon is 45 meters in diameter; it is a true masterpiece of art that does not have a single support. Also, the temple is considered the tomb of Raphael. The building is located in Piazza Navona.

Coliseum. Huge tribunes for bloodthirsty ideas. The famous place where powerful gladiators fought. The Colosseum is a symbol of Italy and is depicted on all possible postcards. Tribunes it contained 50 thousand watching the fights. For those times it is unthinkable areas. To enter this historical building, you need to buy a ticket, it is valid for 24 hours. With this ticket you can also look at the Imperial Forum.

BeautifulTrevi Fountain. Of course, there are many fountains in Rome, but this is the most beautiful and famous one. He is known for the fact that many directors include it in the scripts of their films.

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