Alphabet of felt

Hippo from felt. Having tried my hand at sewing the alphabet out of felt for the baby, I decided that the experiment was a success, and you can start the implementation of the second part of the plan - making a complete alphabet. The essence of the idea: for each letter of the felt alphabet to sew a representative of the world of fauna. Preparatory work began with a search for patterns, familiarization with the nuances of working on the product and buying the necessary materials. I want to share my incarnations. For work you will need: colored felt; floss threads in the color of felt; patterns of fauna that can be made by yourself or take advantage of prepared ones; holofaibers for filling toys, needles, pins, scissors, tools for stuffing fillers, markers for transferring patterns to felt, eye beads. And also remember loop and secret seams , a seam for sewing tags, a French knot that can replace eye beads. The main stages of p Let's look at the Begemotics, symbolizing the letter "B".
 Alphabet from felt
Print out the pattern.There is no printer - it does not matter, we set the required size on the computer and transfer it from the screen to thin paper like tracing paper. We cut out the details. We select the felt and threads of the desired colors. Show imagination, let the new toys of your children be bright and unusual.
details Hippo
Lay out the patterns on the felt as economically as possible, draw around the outline.
Cut out the necessary number of parts: 1 - the upper part of the head - 2 pcs., 2 - the lower part of the head - 2 pcs., 3 - ears - 2 pcs., 4 - body - 5 pcs., 5 - legs - 8 pcs., 6 - teeth (made of hard felt) - 2 pcs. Do not throw away small pieces of felt; tiny details can be cut out of them, and very small ones can be used when working on a collage.
Sew the parts with a stitch seam. I used a mulina in 6 additions. First, the torso and legs, we leave unsewn a small section of each part of the body for holofiber filling. When stitching parts of the upper part of the head with a seam for tags, sew the ears. When working on the lower part of the head - teeth. Ears need a little wrap inside before stitching,then they will be charmingly hanging around like a real hippopotamus.
 little face
Sew small buttons-nostrils on the lower part of the head or draw them with a marker (we sew, we sew small felt circles). Then the bottom part is sewn to the top secret seam. Sew black beads - eyes (look at the location of the photo). The eye can also be made with the help of a French nodule. I thought that the black nodules would not be visible on the dark purple part of the head, there was no black bead at hand, my husband suggested trying small metal beads. It turned out great.
Hippo muzzle
Rear view of the head.
Stitching the legs to the body with a button-like way (in this way buttons with holes are usually sewn) and a head with a secret stitch.
 Alphabet from felt
So the letter" B "has got its little fetro th supplement. The Hippo can not only lie on its side, but also stand on its four legs.It remains to learn a couple of small poems about the animal and the letter "B", and you can start the entertaining educational games with the child. Who is a hippopotamus? He has a big belly, He has big eyes, Glorious ears like these He lives in a pond, - There he hides his stomach. Enjoy all the crafts from felt. Come to us more often, in front of a lot of interesting!

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