Amazing yarn jewelry without needles

When you think about threads, the first thing that comes to mind is knitting or sewing. But the boundless world of fantasy is not limited to these activities. You can create exquisite jewelry from yarn that will help highlight your personality. And also you can easily get rid of the remnants of the thread, which is a pity to throw, but there is nowhere to use them. Be patient and yarn, and rather "dive" into the deep pool of "ballroom" pastime.

1. Hairpin from threads.

After you learn an easy way to create a cute hair accessory, you will no longer buy tons of pins in stores.

You will need:

  • strings
  • buttons
  • gum or invisible
  • elements of decor.

On the index and middle finger, wind the thread. Choose the thickness of the winding yourself. Then rewind the resulting hank once or twice in the middle. You get a bow. Using glue, glue a button in the middle.Remember that the size of the button should be commensurate with the resulting bow. Then attach the bow on the gum or stealth. If you wish, you can use multi-colored threads and various decor: beads, sequins, pearls.

2. Twisted scarf.

The second name of such a scarf may well be an "anti-knitted" scarf, since in the process of its creation neither needles or hooks are used. Surprise others with a stylish and beautiful thing that you don’t want to part with.

You will need:

  • strings
  • glue
  • the cloth
  • leather
  • scissors.

Take a chair and wind the yarn on its back several times. Tie in three or four different places. These places will need to be covered with leather inserts. Fix them with glue. If desired, you can decorate the scarf with beads or sequins.

3. The ball vase.

A wonderful version of an unusual vase, which is suitable for flowers.

You will need:

  • ball of yarn
  • small water container
  • acrylic paint
  • brush.

Take a ball of yarn and make a hole in the middle with your finger. Then use paint to paint the tangle in the desired color. Dry it. Take a container of water and place in the middle of the ball.Add flowers to taste and enjoy the new piece of furniture.

4. Multi-colored wreath.

If you are a supporter of multi-colored decorations in the house or want to surprise your loved one with a stunning gift, then this method is for you.

You will need:

  • noodle (flexible swimming stick in the pool)
  • scissors
  • yarn of different colors
  • PVA glue
  • adhesive glue

Take the noodle and glue the ends together to form a circle with glue-moment. If you think that the size of the circle is too large, cut the noodle to the required diameter. Take a piece of yarn and tie a circle, forming a loop on which you can hang a wreath. Then take the yarn and start winding the circle. Start can be fixed with glue-moment. Periodically lubricate the area of ​​the nozzle with PVA glue, and then wind the thread. Continue until there are no gaps in the circle. Fix the end of the thread with glue-moment. Decorate with all sorts of decor if desired.

5. A wreath of pompons.

An alternative version of a multi-colored wreath, which will especially appeal to children. The wreath turns soft and fluffy, and in combination with other wreaths will look wonderful.

You will need:

  • colored yarn
  • thick cardboard
  • scissors
  • marker
  • glue gun
  • glass
  • plate.

Take a cardboard, a glass and a plate. Using a marker, circle on the cardboard first a plate, and then in the center - a glass. Carefully cut out the base of the wreath. Then take the yarn and wind it over two fingers. As soon as you reach the required thickness, trim the thread with a margin. Rewind the resulting hank in the middle. Try to wind it tight enough. Then gently remove the skein from the fingers and tie the knot. Take the scissors and cut the resulting bow on the sides. Fan pompom and trim with scissors. Make the required number of pompons to cover the entire area of ​​the cardboard blank. Take the glue gun and fix the pompons on the cardboard. The wreath is ready.

6. Bracelets made of yarn.

Bracelets made of yarn will perfectly fit into any image and will be able to please you for a long time. The main thing is that you can create bracelets of different color and pattern.

You will need:

  • old bracelets
  • yarn
  • adhesive glue
  • decor (if desired).

Take the yarn and wrap the bracelet so that there are no gaps. Secure the end of the yarn with superglue.If desired, decorate with beads or other decorative elements.

7. Boxes of yarn for small things.

In order to get rid of the constant search for any small things in your house, try to make a specially designated "cache" for things.

You will need:

  • yarn
  • scissors
  • empty milk carton
  • stationery knife
  • glue gun
  • decor (optional).

Take the milk carton and cut off the top. The size of your box depends on how much you cut. Take the glue and put a small amount on the box. Using a yarn, wrap the box, periodically peeling with glue for better fixation. Dry it. Then cut a small amount of yarn and twist the helix. Attach to the box with glue. Make some spirals for decoration. An indispensable thing for the house is ready.

8. Clothing for Easter eggs.

Treat yourself and your loved ones with unusual decorating Easter eggs. You can use boiled eggs, or with the help of small holes to blow out the contents of the eggs and use only the shell. For a shell variant, the eggs must first be washed with water and dried.Using glue on one side, attach the end of the thread. Then wind the yarn on the egg and at the end also secure with glue. Decorate such a lovely egg can be ribbons, rhinestones, beads.

9. Flower pompons.

If you want to present an unusual gift for a loved one, then you need to know how to create wonderful decorative flowers from pompons. The bouquet turns out bright and interesting and can fit in absolutely any interior.

You will need:

  • yarn
  • scissors
  • legs from decorative flowers (you can use regular wire and green ribbon)
  • glue.

Wind the yarn by two fingers. As soon as you reach the required thickness, trim the thread with a margin. Rewind the resulting hank in the middle. Try to wind it tight enough. Then gently remove the skein from the fingers and tie the knot. Take the scissors and cut the resulting bow on the sides. Fan pompom and trim with scissors. Make the necessary number of pompoms-buds. With glue, fix the pompons on the legs. If you have only wire and tape, then pre-wrap the wire with a ribbon and fix it with glue at the ends.Bright fluffy bouquet ready.

10. Colorful mobile.

Hanging decoration that will liven up your room and will surely appeal to children. If desired, you can develop a similar mobile for the crib.

You will need:

  • 3 hoops of different diameter
  • fishing line
  • yarn of different colors
  • gypsy needle
  • glue.

Take the middle of the hoop and wrap each with a neutral shade of yarn. Secure the end of the thread with glue. Then make colorful balls of different size from the yarn. Total coil should be 10 pieces. Using a line, tie each ring in three places. Measure the length of the fishing line depending on the desired height and the level of the rings above each other. Then tie a line to each tangle. First try to assemble a separate structure from the rings. Then gently add the balls, tying each one at a different height. Colorful mobile ready.

11. Multicolored thread spiral.

If you are wondering what jewelry to buy for your home, then pay attention to the spiral of threads. You can make the decor of any color.

You will need:

  • yarn
  • flat plate
  • glue.

Take a plate and yarn. Fix the end of the thread with glue and start twisting the spiral. Alternate colors by fixing each end of the thread with glue.From the back side, use a liquid nail to attach the hook to hang your masterpiece on the wall.

12. Decoration for shoes.

Sooner or later, even the most favorite pair of shoes begins to bother. But do not rush to throw shoes in the closet. Try to refresh your footwear with the help of simple spirals of thread.

You will need: yarn, glue. Take the yarn and form a spiral out of it. If the helix crumbles, then periodically glue the threads together. Fix the end of the yarn with glue. Similarly, make a second spiral. Attach them to the toes of your shoes with glue. If desired, you can decorate the top with buttons, beads, rhinestones. A new pair of shoes is ready.

13. Whimsical hats.

Little hats are a great way to decorate your plants or trees in the garden. In principle, in the apartment they can also find a place where they will look good. You will need: yarn, toilet paper sleeve, scissors. Cut the sleeve into small rings. Next, cut the yarn in long threads of 25 cm. Take the ring and begin to wind it. For the winding, take one thread, fold it in half. Thread the thread into the ring and insert the remaining ends of the yarn into the loop. Tighten. Wrap all the cardboard ring in this way.Try to wind very tightly so that at the end there are no gaps. The remaining "tails" are tied up with a string and cut off. The hat is ready. Tie a thread to each hat, and you can hang it anywhere.

14. The chair of pompons.

If you prefer bright colors in the interior or want to add color detail, then this master class will help you decide on this. You will need: yarn, wicker chair, glue, scissors. Wind the yarn by two fingers. As soon as you reach the required thickness, trim the thread with a margin. Rewind the resulting hank in the middle. Try to wind it tight enough. Then gently remove the skein from the fingers and tie the knot. Take the scissors and cut the resulting bow on the sides. Fan pompom and trim with scissors. Make the necessary number of pompoms. Using glue to glue them to the surface of the chair. Dry it. An unusual chair will serve you for a long time.

15. Garlands of yarn.

The decorative element in the form of balls will decorate even the most gray room, so feel free to grab the tools and start making your life brighter. You will need: balloons, PVA glue, yarn, decor (optional).Inflate the ball to the desired size. The size of the final result depends on the balloon. For convenience, pour the glue into the bowl. Take the thread and dip into the glue. Then start slowly winding it around the ball in a chaotic direction. After you finish, leave the ball for a few days. As soon as the balloon dries out, we pierce the balloon with a needle and gently draw it out. Light lace ball is ready.

16. Gift wrapping with yarn.

Today there are a huge number of options for gift wrapping. Most of them do not differ originality. But on a holiday you always want something unusual, so the decor of the gift with threads will make a real impression. To do this, you will need: colored yarn, gift, scissors, neutral colored wrapping paper. Pre-pack the gift. Then cut the yarn. The length of the threads will depend on the size of your gift. Begin carefully wrapping the gift, forming a certain pattern. Tie each thread into a knot or a bow. At the end trim the tails with scissors. Your gift is ready.

17. Necklace-braid made of yarn.

To create such an unusual necklace you will need: yarn, scissors. Take the yarn of the desired color and cut the long threads. The length depends on how long the scarf you want to get at the end. Collect 3 long bundles from the resulting strands. Then gently tie the bundles together, without tightening the knot. Begin to braid a regular pigtail. As soon as you reach the end, untie the initial knot and connect it with the final knot. Alternatively, you can stitch the seams or mask them with a piece of cloth or leather. If desired, decorate the decor.

18. Filament floor lamp.

If you want to change the look of your home, but do not know where to start, this advice will help you. Most likely you have a simple inconspicuous floor lamp that makes your room gray. Add bright colors, decorating it. You will need: yarn, floor lamp, glue. Take the top of the floor lamp. Then pick up the yarn and drip a little glue to fix the beginning of the thread. Attach the thread and start wrapping the floor lamp in a circle. Try to do it as closely as possible. If desired, you can use multi-colored yarn. Also fix the end of the thread with glue.Decorate with decor. New floor lamp ready.

19. Fish tail.

All owners of long hair familiar hairdo "fishtail". This is a fairly simple and interesting variation of the usual braid. But so often you want to decorate the inconspicuous braid with something unusual. This task easily cope yarn. You will need: yarn, scissors. Comb your hair and divide it into 2 parts from ear to ear. Slay the upper part of the hair. Cut the yarn. The length is calculated by your own hair, multiplied by 2. Then grab a small strand of hair and tie the thread at the roots. Repeat with the remaining yarn. On one braid enough 7-9 strands. Lower the top of the hair and braid the braid. Trim residual threads with scissors. The summer and youth version of the hairstyle is ready.

20. Candlestick from threads.

If you are planning to spend a romantic evening or create a pleasant atmosphere, you will definitely need candles. But in order to hit a loved one with an unusual feed, you will need: a large candle, a tin, yarn, glue. Rinse thoroughly and dry the jar. Take the candle and place it in the jar. The height and width of the candle depends on the size of your jar. Then fasten the beginning of the yarn at the top of the jar and start wrapping.You can make a winding in the middle, bottom, top, or completely. Also fix the end of the thread with glue. A wonderful romantic candlestick is ready.

21. Panel of filamentous hearts.

A panel of hearts will be a wonderful gift for your loved one. Creating such a gift does not require much time and money, and the result will be surprising. You will need: thick cardboard, medium hardness cardboard (you can use wood), glue gun, yarn. Take a thick cardboard and cut out the base from which to hold the hearts. From cardboard of medium hardness make hearts. You can buy wooden hearts. Take the yarn, fix the beginning of the thread with glue and start winding the hearts according to their shape. Try to make them slightly convex. Repeat with the remaining hearts. Fix with glue on the base. If desired, you can put in a frame and decorate with additional decor. Confess your love beautifully!

22. Bookmark for the book.

Ideal crafts for all book lovers. You will need: yarn, scissors. Wind the yarn by two fingers. As soon as you reach the required thickness, trim the thread with a margin.Rewind the resulting hank in the middle. Try to wind it tight enough. Then gently remove the skein from the fingers and tie the knot. Additionally, cut the thread and tie it again. Cut the resulting bow on the sides. Fan pompom and trim with scissors. Miracle-bookmark is ready.

23. Letters of thread.

Recently, the use of decorative letters in the interior, during festive events or at photo shoots has become especially popular. In order not to specifically purchase such letters, you will need: yarn, cardboard, marker, scissors, glue. To create letters you need to cut out the letters themselves in cardboard in the size that is needed. Then fix the beginning of the thread and start wrapping the letter. If you can make volumetric letters, then the principle of wrapping is a bit different. To do this you need to pre-cut the yarn in small pieces. Then with the help of glue to process the edges of the letters of this yarn. Next, take the yarn and start wrapping the letters themselves. Secure the end of the thread with glue. If desired, you can decorate with beads or rhinestones.

24. Weaving for office supplies.

All people who have worked in the office at least once in their lives know that the variety of office supplies is endless, but among countless things there are those that can be decorated. You will need: any mesh surface from stationery, a gold spray, a needle with a big eye, yarn, scissors. Spray paint the mesh parts and dry. Cut a 2-meter thread and insert into the needle. Begin to cross-stitch the desired pattern. Once the thread is finished, simply cut it. The stitches will not disintegrate. Continue to embroider until you get the finished drawing. Each row start under the previous one. An excellent lesson for a free minute in the office is guaranteed.

25. Hanger memories.

Create a real corner of your desires or memories in your room using hangers. You will need: hangers, yarn, clothespins, photos, glue. take the hangers and wind the yarn. Fix the beginning and end of the thread with glue. Then carefully place one coat hanger on the wall, hang the second one from the bottom. The number of hangers depends on your desire. Then with the help of clothespins post pictures. Your personal corner of memories is ready.

26Decorative tassels.

If you decide to freshen up the adorned decoration, then you urgently need to try this method. You will need: a long decoration, yarn, scissors, glue gun, pliers, jewelry parts for mounting. To make the tassels, take any flat object and wind the yarn around it several times. Then, carefully remove and cut with one scissors side. From the top of the other side, use a glue to put the jewelry cap on and attach fine details to your product. In the same way you can make earrings-brushes.

27. Wooden decor with yarn.

An original way to decorate your walls with an original composition of bright wood with threads. To do this, you will need: ordinary wooden knots, spray-paint, colorful pieces of fabric, glue, yarn. Pre-paint your chopsticks with white paint. It will be much better if you leave unpainted spaces. Dry it. Then, using glue, fix colored pieces of fabric around the wood in a chaotic manner. Take the yarn and wrap several times at the junction of the fabric and sticks. Repeat with each joint.If desired, you can wrap the sticks with just yarn. The resulting pieces of wood assemble in a beautiful composition on the wall.

28. Decorative pumpkin.

A great decor option for a festive table or creating a special entourage. You will need: a small pumpkin with a long leg, orange yarn, paint tape, brown thread-mulina, scissors. Take the yarn and start wrapping the pumpkin. Try to wind diagonally crosswise and watch for the lack of gaps. The end of the thread can be fixed with glue or hidden under the main yarn. Then cut a small piece of adhesive tape and glue the foot. Take the thread-floss and wind the leg. A little pumpkin for your holiday is ready.

29. Decor cutlery.

Many nutritionists in the world agree that it is necessary to eat in a beautiful environment, so all appliances should please the eye. Especially tableware, which most of the time are in hand. You need: yarn, cutlery. Take the fork and wrap the handle with yarn. Hide the end of the thread under the thread. Repeat the same with all cutlery. A unique dining set is ready.

30. Contemporary panel.

Take a break from everyday life by creating a beautiful wall panel of yarn. You will need: yarn, photo frame, cardboard, red marker, glue gun. It is desirable for the panels to purchase a white frame in vintage style. Get rid of glass. Then measure the size of your frame on a cardboard and cut it out. Draw parallel lines with a red marker. Twist small balls from yarn. Using glue, fix the balls on the cardboard, leaving the red marker visible in some places. The panel is ready. If desired, you can create a series of such panels, which together will make the whole composition.

31. Earrings of clips.

Do you dream to surprise all your girlfriends and show off your skills !? If so, feel free to grab the materials at hand and start creating beauty. You will need: paper clips, yarn, pliers, jewelry hooks, glue-moment. Take 2 clips and twist triangles from them. Then wind the clip with yarn, periodically grabbing the entire surface of the clip. Fix the end of the thread with glue. Gently add the hook. If desired, decorate with beads. There are a lot of variants of such earrings, so experiment and wear your jewelry with pleasure.

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