Amigurumi Bear

The art of amigurumi is to tie small soft toys with a crochet, using colored threads and your imagination. The feature of amigurumi is that the head of the toy is always disproportionately large in relation to the body. Due to this, visually they seem even more lovely and defenseless. For knitting a gray mishute in a scarf you will need thick acrylic (+ wool) Nord thread and hook №2-3, depends on the convenience. Begin knitting from the head , namely from the nose of the bear. It is necessary to collect four airy loops, to unite and knit one after another in a circle with columns without a crochet, adding posts in each row. The first row is eight, the second - ten, the third - 16, etc. It is necessary to add it so that visually knitting comes out in the shape of an obtuse cone.
The binding must be dense and even, so that the surface of the future toy becomes homogeneous and pleasant to look at and touch. thin soft jersey To stuff a toy you need a thin soft knitwear of white color, cut into small pieces. They should be densely packed inside the part (there will be eight in all, they need four to fill, the biggest part is the head, the rest is the trunk and lower paws).
Stuffing is better to prepare more, it is consumed quickly enough. After the circumference of the cone has become sufficient to grab the head of the future toy, the rows begin to decrease.  we sew In each row, several bars are tied together, thus reducing the number of loops.
The calculation should be such that after receiving the shape of the ball, the wizard gets three loops on the hook, which quickly and neatly tie each other.
The next detail is the torso. Absolutely the same scheme, but unlike the cone-shaped head (which, by the way, can be made much easier - absolutely round),you need to give it an oval or small ball shape.
 bear amigurumi
The same way of stuffing is used.
 bear amigurumi

And rounding the finished part.
 bear amigurumi
The next step is the lower paws.
 amigurumi bear
They are tied in the same way as the body, but still of a smaller diameter. bear amigurumi Same way stuffing. It is difficult to do this with small paws. It is convenient to use the hook to push the packing into the hole of the associated part.
 amigurumi bear
It’s left to hide threads in the head inside the details.
Bear needs two upper paws. Here the scheme is used - the connection of three loops, a row of four double crochets is repeated twice and at the top of the loop are connected, forming a small three-dimensional foot.You do not need to stuff them! Link two pieces.
On the lower legs, thread the threads deep into the details, check that there are two of them.
Thin white cotton threads and a needle to sew the parts together.
 details of the bear
The most difficult thing behind. In order to make the ears - you need to connect the two semicircles in three rows of stumps without a crochet in each. They do not knit a full circle at the same time, but finish in half and go in the opposite direction. Two ears sew to the head. Black thin woolen threads outline small eyes and a round black nose. In the photo, the bear is a mod, he has a scarf with tassels. This is a simple knit thread with threads of Iris. Trimming threads are tied to the ends of the scarf and form cute tassels. The scarf matches an average of 15 minutes and revives a great image of the toy.
 amigurumi bear
Bear is ready!
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