An interesting idea for the decor: flowers, night lamps and not only

The hands of the masters create real masterpieces. What do you think can happen from nylon and wire? Not just a decor, but a self-sufficient and bright interior detail that you will surely enjoy. Just look at these nightlights in the form of flowers!

For work you will need:

  • wire;
  • pliers;
  • capron;
  • threads, scissors;
  • epoxy glue or decoupage glue;
  • round object for forming petals (for example, an egg from a kinder surprise);
  • a festoon or small candlestick in the form of a candle;
  • Details for decoration (leaves, beads, etc.) - on request.

These are the flowers you can get in the end (instructions below):

The work is quite simple:

  1. Petals are formed from wire, rolled up at the base with pliers.
  2. On the workpiece is stretched kapron, fixed with a thread, the excess cut off.
  3. Finished petals are glued to a garland or candlestick along the perimeter, imitating a flower. The petals themselves can be bent to get the desired shape, or painted in the desired color, or increase / decrease the size, or add decor to taste.By the way, green leaves for a flower can also be made from nylon and wire.
  4. Leave the structure to dry. At the end of the work turn on the candlestick and enjoy the result.

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