Anna Kournikova showed how she looked during pregnancy

Hardly anyone doubted that during pregnancy Anna Kournikova remained in excellent shape and looked 100%. However, we could see the star of the court on the 37th week of pregnancy only now, 5 months after the birth of twins, in which Enrique Iglesias does not like the soul.

Anna and Enrique succeeded in keeping their privacy away from the paparazzi's chambers. Therefore, it was almost impossible to see the former first racket of the world with a tummy while she was pregnant. But now Anna herself posted a snapshot on Instagram, signing: “From the archive. On the 37th week. In the photo, the 36-year-old mother of Nicholas and Lucy is posing in a tight t-shirt, leather leggings and high-heeled stilettos. The fact that she is on the 8th month of pregnancy, says only her big round belly.

Date: 09.10.2018, 09:47 / Views: 81553

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