Aromatic Sachets - Herb Bags

Aromatic sachets are very popular with modern hostesses. These wonderful pouches exude a magnificent smell. They are traditionally placed in wardrobes next to clothes, in dressers with bedding, on a bedside table or at the head of a bed. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of bags with different fragrant blends. But, you see, it is much nicer to enjoy the fruits of your labors and calmer when you know what exactly is part of such a bag. It is also not a secret for anyone that our land gives us a huge bouquet of herbs that are so nice to gather in the warm company of friends or loved ones. So, let's break. We will need: - paper;- red fabric for the bag; - white lace for decoration; - ribbon for tying the bag - white thread; - needle, pins; - scissors; - sewing machine; - herbs; - small deep plate. Steps robots: 1. On paper, draw a pattern of the future bag (be sure to doseam allowances - about 1 cm).
 draw a pattern
2. Using the pattern, cut out of the red fabric two identical segments. Fabric is better to choose natural, in this case, cotton is selected.  cut out two identical segments
3. Two pieces of white lace are cut out from the pattern, which should fully match the size of the red fabric.
 two pieces are cut out in the pattern
4. The outer edge of the future pouch fold and sweep. If necessary, the edges of the lace also fold. I didn’t have such a need, since I came across a finished lace about 8 cm wide and several meters long. I just had to cut off the length I needed, and the outer edge was already beautifully processed.
 beautifully processed
5. Sew the outer edge of the bag on the sewing machine.
 Stitch on a sewing machine
 Pin the lace to the fabric Unscrew the bag
7. Connect the fabric so that the lace is inside. We need a kind of sandwich: red cloth, lace, lace, red cloth. And with a little indentation from the edge stitch along the perimeter. Turn the bag over to the front side.
8. Choose the herbs that you like best. Make a mixture of herbs or use only one type. Fragrant herbs must be dried. It is advisable to grind the herbs, leaves, stems and flowers should not exceed 1 cm in size. We made two bags and, accordingly, chose two different fillers.Dried rosemary flowers and green basil leaves were used in the first bag, green basil and fragrant lavender were used in the second bag. To choose a mixture of herbs for yourself will help you information about the effect of various herbs on a person who can find a huge variety on the Internet or books about medicinal herbs.
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