As on leaps and bounds: Selena Gomez suddenly turned into a donut

26-year-old American singer missed with a dress on the straps ...

It seems that Selena is cunning when she says that she doesn’t care about the wedding of Justin Bieber's former boyfriend ... And in fact she is stuck with stress with sweet donuts. And how else to explain that in just a couple of months the girl has turned from fiton to a donut.

In this form, Selena appeared at a meeting with fans in Los Angeles
Photo: Legion-Media

Changes in the appearance of the star fans noticed when she appeared at a meeting with fans in one of the shopping centers of Los Angeles. On Selene there was a dress in the linen style of pale lavender color, decorated with a lace insert and floral embroidery.

However, the participants did not appreciate the design of the dress, but rather the very feminine forms of its owner. The change in appearance could not disguise even stiletto sandals, which Gomez added to the image.

The bust of the girl became noticeably more magnificent, but along with it, the waist apparently also disappeared.

However, Selena extra weight does not seem to upset. With all her appearance, the singer showed that she was happy. And after meeting with fans, she also managed to ride around the city on a tram and did not refuse anyone to share selfies.

September 9, 2018Christina Desyatova
a guest10.09.18 07:45

In which place is it "donut"? What even the waist is not visible! Girls read such articles, and then suffer from anorexia.

a guest12.09.18 17:45

I am 11 years old, and I am still, of course, a girl, but at the sight of this post I don’t want to look slimmer, but on the contrary, I think that Selena has beautiful forms in this photo

a guest10.09.18 08:30

Passed the fashion for thinness

Selena is charming.

a guest10.09.18 08:36

the juice, only not further

a guest10.09.18 10:04

It looks just super!

a guest10.09.18 10:24

after a kidney transplant, she takes hormones, hence the excess weight

a guest10.09.18 10:39

The news is about nothing, and it is written poorly - many logical inaccuracies, lexical errors. The style of the author is clearly lame. On C grade with a minus.

a guest10.09.18 12:09

Fat woman

a guest10.09.18 12:31

Looks great!

a guest10.09.18 13:28

Sad, very sad.

a guest10.09.18 13:38

She is on hormones after transplant, looks great

a guest10.09.18 15:49

Don't you care that she had surgery? if only I could wash somebody’s bones

a guest10.09.18 16:53

What ***** with her is not so she is like a stick that thick ******, some kind of planetary

a guest10.09.18 18:41

lol, are you quite already? Come on, try to undergo a severe operation on the internal organ, and then generally function normally, not what look like a fiton! where is this world going ...

a guest10.09.18 19:20


a guest10.09.18 21:00

Are you swelling there? Selenium on hormones.

a guest10.09.18 21:04

Anyone who writes that she is fat is a fagot and gay men who need boys or masculine girls.

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