At the expense of "one-two" smiled, at the expense of "three-four" laughed - 8 anecdotes for the soul!


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Long time did not do exercises? The other half hints at the forms that have lost their appetite? The mirror is lying, but it is lying, the infection is so convincing? But don't you want to get up from the computer anyway? Eh, well, what would you do without us ?!

We found a way out, how to get rid of all the hares, without resorting to heavy artillery. The whole point is that smile and laughter - this is a real workout for the muscles of the face! A bunch of muscles works, calories burn with hellfire, the second chin is pulled up, and the eyes begin to glow. And spit on anyone who says that charging for the face does not tighten the figure - they are just jealous of your bright cheerful and good-natured face. Pumped up in a beautiful form, for a minute, the best humor of the Runet.

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