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Making handmade paper is a very creative and exciting process. The peculiarity of this master class is that to create your own author paper you will not need any special tools and materials, you can find everything you need at home. The result is a beautiful textured paper that you can use to your liking: for scrapbooking, cardmaking, various handicrafts, making gift boxes, business cards, tags for your works, drawings, etc. Pros of paper manual cast: • The uniqueness and uniqueness of each sheet; • Pleasant texture and appearance of paper; • A creative and fascinating process (the ability to do with children); • Many options for fillers; • Disposal of paper waste; Materials: - Napkins, papers printer, paper packaging, boxes out of eggs, etc. (I do not advise you to use newspapers,as the printing ink contained in them will make the paper gray) - you can use any one material or combine them as you wish; - Various fillers (dry inflorescences, flower petals, confetti, pieces of colored paper, glitter, pieces of thread , seasonings, natural or artificial colors, watercolor paints, you can even flavor your paper). PVA glue (optional). - Scissors (shredder), board (tray / tray / baking tray), sponge, iron, towels, rolling pin, blender (if possible and desired), press. Materials
Step 1: First of all, chop the paper, use scissors / shredder for this, or tear it with your hands into medium-sized pieces.
shred paper
Step 2: Fill the paper with water and grind it up to Aseobraznogo state. To do this, use a blender, and if this is not possible, then leave the paper to soak for a day, periodically rubbing it with your hands to the desired consistency. To make the paper more durable, you can add some glue to it.PVA.
to the porridge state
Step 3: Take a piece of the resulting mass and form a sheet with a rolling pin, on the board (tray / tray), in the process, you can add a little water, for greater plasticity of the pulp. At this stage, you yourself determine the thickness of the future sheet. Further, the most fascinating stage, because on it you can mix paper masses of various colors, add all kinds of fillers, flavorings dyes and everything that your imagination allows you to. Now, using a regular sponge, gently blot the paper several times to remove all excess moisture.
 form a sheet with a rolling pin
Step 4: Next, cover the paper with a towel (I used ordinary waffle towels) and dry the sheet with a hot iron until the paper can be easily removed from the board. Be extremely careful, because until the paper is completely dry, it is very fragile and you can easily damage it.
 dry the sheet with a hot iron
Now you need to leave the paper to dry for the night under something heavy.And in the morning you will already enjoy the result of your labors. Successful creativity!  need to leave to dry out
 cover the paper with a towel

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