Autumn bouquet of felt

Autumn time is beautiful in its own way. Golden foliage covers the streets, bright orange bunches of mountain ash adorn the city alleys. And also autumn is the time of harvest, harvest. Today's master class is for those who like to decorate their home, because we will be making an autumn bouquet of felt. This bouquet can be put on the table, on the windowsill or shelf for books. For the preparation of this decoration, we will need materials.
  • Sheets of soft felt (red, yellow, orange, gray, green and green).
  • Decorative clusters of rowan, straw, apples, bugs.
  • Contour (gold, black).
  • Moment glue.
  • Pastel.
  • Wire.
  • Polyfoam.
  • Satin ribbon (burgundy).
  • Braid decorative (gold, silver).
  • Cardboard.
Autumn bouquet of felt

Making a bouquet with your own hands

So, let's get down to business and get down to making leaves. To do this, on cardboard, draw three types of autumn leaves (birch, oak, maple). Cut templates out of cardboard. Attached to the felt, circle them and also cut.There should be about 7 - 8 leaves. I made two dark green, one green, two yellow, and one of the red gray and orange felt.
Autumn bouquet of felt
Now attach a small piece of wire on top of a piece of paper, bend the sheet in half and fix the wire with a thread (make a seam).
Autumn bouquet of felt
Autumn bouquet of felt
Glue the remaining leg of the leaf with glue.
Autumn bouquet of felt
Autumn bouquet of felt
Next we shade leaves with crayons pastels. On the edge of the orange sheet shade in red chalk, red and green leaves shade black. Paint the yellow leaves orange, gray and green paint on the edge in green. Something like this should happen.
Autumn bouquet of felt
The leaves are almost ready, but so far they do not look very good. After we apply contour streaks to them, they will look more natural.
Autumn bouquet of felt
First apply a black outline, then gold. Leave the leaves to dry.In the meantime, we will proceed to the base on which our bouquet will be attached.
Autumn bouquet of felt
Cut a small cube out of foam or dense foam. Place it on a cardboard and cut a square out of the cardboard a little more than a cube along the edge by 1 -1.5 cm. Glue the bottom of the cube and the cardboard together.
Autumn bouquet of felt
Wrap a cube with a satin ribbon, glue it. Apply decorative tape (silver) along the top edge, and gold tape along the bottom of the cardboard.
Autumn bouquet of felt
Autumn bouquet of felt
It remains only to put the bouquet together. Bend the wire on the leaves, giving them a natural bend. Leaf wire ends gently stick into the foam, placing them in a circle. In the center, place the bunches of mountain ash on the wire. Put a miniature apple on the wire and stick it to the side of the rowan. Glue a bug on a green leaf. In order to prevent the white bottom of the foam from showing through, place a burgundy or green straw under the leaves. Now our autumn bouquet of felt for table decoration is ready completely.

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