Balcony cladding

In today's world, people are increasingly wondering what to do and how to elevate the space of a balcony or loggia. Do not use it as a warehouse for storage of long-forgotten and unnecessary things. Throwing away all unnecessary and carefully removing all the space of the balcony, on the vacated area, really recreate any idea and fantasy. Create a cozy resting place, play or sport corner. If it is impossible to invite masters to work on the refinement and creation of a functional room, this type of work can be done independently. It is only necessary to determine the choice of materials and the stages of the repair. First of all, the balcony needs external insulation. Foam is ideal for this.
 Finishing the balcony clapboard
Preparing the surface of the wall, removes the old plaster. This should be done before the concrete base. Due attention is paid to surface priming.For these purposes, a deep penetration primer is well suited, when it dries, we glue the foam sheets to the base, using an adhesive solution for this type of work. Having installed on the bottom edge of the wall a shelf from a corner, for an even first layer, proceed to the sizing of the foam. The work must be carried out from the bottom up to the full coverage of the required area of ​​insulation.
 Finishing the balcony with clapboard
Getting down to interior decorating. When choosing plastic panels as the ceiling covering, the first thing to do is to create on the ceiling a framework of wooden slats with a thickness of 2 to 3 centimeters. This will save space and there will be no effect of overhanging the ceiling. Reiki are mounted at a distance of 35 - 40 centimeters relative to each other.
 Finishing the balcony with clapboard
Installation begins across the laths. The panel is cut less by 3 to 4 centimeters relative to the width of the balcony. A small hacksaw is used in this case, after cutting off the edges are sanded with sandpaper.Starting from the edge of the wall, the first panel to each rack is nailed with small studs or fastened to screws. At the end of the ceiling mounting proceed to the second stage of finishing. We make the floor of plywood for the subsequent flooring of linoleum. The first thing to do is work on leveling the floor. This can be done with a concrete screed. With complete drying, the floor surface is carefully swept and hydro-heat-insulated. Plywood with a thickness of 2-3 centimeters is cut into squares of no more than 50 centimeters. It is placed by the herringbone from the edge of the wall, maintaining a distance of two to three centimeters from its surface. Spread out on the floor and numbered all the pieces, remove them and then start to assemble the floor. Mounted plywood glue based on bustilate. After drying, cover the floor with film or newspapers, in order to avoid contamination during further work.  Decorating the balcony with a lining
If the material of the paneling of the walls of the balcony is a lining, it is necessary to create a skeleton on which it will be to fasten. For this, a crate is made using wooden bars.They are mounted on the balcony perimeter at a distance of 50 - 55 centimeters from each other
 Finishing the balcony with clapboard
. The surface on which the lining will be stamped must be perfectly flat, which will prolong the service life and create a high-quality appearance. A good option is to opt for a wooden lining. Linden is considered one of the best types of wood for this purpose, but pine also has its advantages. They are resistant to temperature changes and wear. Mounted lining on nails to begin work is necessary from any angle. It is cut into two three centimeters less, both from the base of the ceiling and from the base of the floor.
 Finishing the balcony with clapboard
At the completion of work, also indented around the perimeter of the walls of a few centimeters, is laid linoleum. The gap between the claped walls and the ceiling is hidden by the ceiling plinths.
 Finishing the balcony with clapboard
Fasten over the floor of the plinth.The perfect balcony is ready.
Finishing the balcony clapboard

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