Ballerina Snowflakes: Patterns for Cutting

When graceful paper ballerina snowflakes whirl around merrily in the air, it seems that the magic is just around the corner, and the soul is filled with a joyful anticipation of the holiday. Such Christmas decorations are best hung where there is a lot of free space - in the center of the room, in the doorway. Then they will dance their own unique dance. But you can decorate them and elegant Christmas tree - here, too, there is a place for snowflakes.

 Ballerina Snowflakes: Cutting Templates

Ballerina Snowflakes: Cutting Patterns

Before making snowflake-ballerinas, the paper will need to cut out the silhouettes of the dancers themselves and their magnificent skirts. For this it is convenient to use templates. If you want to make pretty ballerina snowflakes quickly, you can print a stencil in advance, on any printer.

The silhouette of a ballerina is one stencil. One figure is printed on one sheet of A4, but you can reduce the size.The silhouette of a ballerina is cut out from the printout, and the figure is ready.

 Stencil for cutting ballerina 1

Stencil for cutting ballerina 1

Stencil for cutting ballerina 2

Stencil for cutting ballerina 2

 Stencil for cutting a ball Yerina 3

Stencil for cutting ballerina 3

It only remains to cut them out of paper. For greater strength, you can glue it with adhesive tape or stick it on a cardboard base.

 We cut a ballerina

We cut a ballerina

Stencil-skirt - this is nothing more than a contour for cutting a paper snowflake. We use it as follows:

cut out from a printed sheet;

 Template for cutting snowflakes

Template for cutting snowflakes

we take another white square sheet of paper;

we fold it with a triangle (we first fold it diagonally several times,and then we turn the edges towards the center;

we apply a stencil on this triangle;

carefully draw a pencil;

Stencilled pattern for cutting

Stencils the pattern to cut out


Only after that we unfold the triangle and enjoy the result: we get very beautiful openwork snowflake. Using different types of stencils, you get the basis for creating different figures of ballerinas and skirts.

This is how we get a ballerina and her snow-white openwork tutu.

Ballerina and Snowflake

Ballerina and snowflake

We wear a ballerina skirt. Fix it with a glue of office glue.

 Glue the skirt

Glue the skirt

And at the base of the hands we attach thin threads that will hold our beauty to the dancer at the height.

 Tying a string

Tying a string

This is how you can make wonderful snowflakes-ballerinas! The templates for creating them are quite simple,even a child can cut them, especially with the help of an adult.

Arm yourself with sharp scissors, print stencils and decorate your house with a dance of dancing ballerinas! The main thing is to find a suitable place for each ballerina.

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