Bamboo mat lamp

In this article, you will learn how to make a"Table lamp from a dining rug"  with a removable lamp shade that will give your apartment an amazing effect.

Materials and tools:

  1. bamboo mat (different colors that can be changed depending on the mood or creating the right atmosphere);
  2. the base for the lamp (in this case, used a round wooden board; for this you can use a base of any shape and from any material, as long as the base is sufficiently stable);
  3. 2 embroidery rings to fit the board, if there is no need to replace the rug, you can use glue, a strong thread or wire for fixing);
  4. wire, cartridge, plug and switch;
  5. Drill, stationery knife, screwdriver.

Step 1

Take a wooden base and drill a small hole in the center with a depth of about 1/2 of the total thickness.On the side of the base, we drill another hole so that in the end both holes coincide.

Note:You can drill one through hole in the center of the circle, then you need to additionally attach the legs to the base and secure the wire from the bottom.

Pass the wire through the base - insert the wire in the center of the base and take it out through the side hole.

Attach the wire to the cartridge and fix it to the wooden base with screws. Connect the switch and plug to the wire.

Our base is ready.

Step 2

We will wrap the base with a bamboo mat and fasten it at the base with embroidery rings. For a more aesthetic look, we recommend using two rings.

Above and in the middle we will tie the bamboo mat with wire or thread - neatly and imperceptibly to the eye.

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