Banquet for storing small things

Tell me, dear readers, have you ever thought, throwing plastic bottles of lemonade into the bin, that you throw not only money, but also wonderful material that could add comfort and order to your house? “Yes, well,” you say, “just save rubbish!” And you will be wrong. In addition to direct destination - storage and transportation of all kinds of liquids, they are easily transformed into all sorts of useful things in the household. For example, in banks for storage of cereals, cosmetics, bags, vases, coasters, jewelry, various furniture. They build houses and boats, they are very widely used in decoration. Today I suggest you create a small banquet for the corridor zone or a nursery and at the same time a functional box for storing small things (toys, bolts, threads, etc.). To make such multipurpose furniture under force to everyone. Let's try?
Necessary materials
Materials and tools: 1. Plastic cylinders - 7 pieces 2. Scotch wide 3.Small pieces of plastic panels (or thick cardboard) - 2 pieces 4. Fabric - about half a meter 5. Any yarn 6. Thread and needle 7. Scissors 8. Cutter 9. Elastic band for money 10. Marker 11. Soldering iron 12. Hook 13. Ruler 14. Sintepon - 20 cm. 15. Clay (Moment, Titan)
 plastic bottles
To begin, wash all bottles from labels and glue residue. To do this, soak them for an hour in the bathroom, and then use any cleaning powder to wash it. Wait for the bottles to dry, and get to work.
 cutting line
Use the ruler and marker to mark the desired height (I have 24 centimeters). Put the gum for money on the bottle and, once again checking the height around the entire circumference, carefully draw a line along the gum. Why is this necessary to do? The fact is that all PET bottles are different in shape and if you just cut them along the top edge, the top will not be even. We need the same cut and height.
 plastic bottle
Now take a cutter and first cut off the top of the bottle by 0.5 cm.above the line, and then with scissors we carefully cut along the line.
 Split Bottles
Again we arm with an eraser and draw another line 1 cm below the slice. This will be the level for burning holes.
 lower part of the bottle
Using a soldering iron, or a spoke, heated on fire, or knitting needles, we make holes on the drawn line at a distance half a centimeter from each other. Please note that the holes must be large enough to allow your chosen hook to pass freely.
 holes in the base
 we pass the tape
we pass the tape

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