Bathroom Shelf

Bathroom Shelf
An interesting and inexpensive project for your beloved. Believe me, if she likes to take a bath, she will really like this one.

Shelf sizes

Bathroom shelf
To ensure that this shelf can be used normally, it should be of suitable size. Therefore we take in hand a measuring tape measure, a pencil and a paper. Now sit in the bathroom and determine the most convenient range for the location of the shelf, and measure the widest space between the edges of the bath. Imagine that you want to take a glass of wine or beer from the shelf (in my case), thus determining the place that you can easily reach and where the contents of the shelf will not be accidentally dropped.

Materials and tools

If the distance between the side edges of the bath is already known, add another 5 cm to it. This will be the length of the shelf. The width of my shelf was 60 cm, I think that this size will suit you. Thickness - 2 cm. Wood: Oak or cedar planks are suitable for this application (I used red oak).Or any other lumber that is resistant to moisture. Equipment:
  • 2.5 cm and 5 cm screws for wood.
  • Impregnation for the tree of your choice (I used the stain and oil).
  • Nitroemal at your discretion (I chose a transparent gloss).
  • Circular Saw or Cutting Machine with Table.
  • Sanding Machine with P220 Abrasive Tool.
  • Sandpaper P220.
  • Clamps.
  • Drill and drills.

Trimming and impregnation treatment

Bathroom Shelf
Bathroom Shelf
Bathroom shelf
1. Cut into bars of the same size. I made them with a square section with sides of 2 cm. At this stage, do not rush. If you have a pusher or comb clamp, use them. 2. To make all the bars of the same length they can be cut at the same time. For this task it is best to use a limiter. Measure once and cut off all others with this measurement. 3. Grinding, polishing and once again grinding. 4. Put together all the details and apply a layer of impregnation of your choice on them. Now this will make it easier, unlike the assembled shelf. 5.Once finished with the impregnation, you can open the bars with varnish. The main thing is that the entire surface of the tree is covered.


Bathroom Shelf
Bathroom Shelf
Bathroom Shelf
There is a certain complexity here. Materials:
  • Drill and drill.
  • 2.5 mm screws.
  • Clamps.
  • A bar for aligning gaps.
1. For fixing, you can use wood glue or parquet nails (before varnishing). I did not do this, because then I did not have these tools. In any case, put all the pieces in the regiment. If you are using screws, you can do this as follows. First, make the outer parts of the shelf, then the middle, and then you need to connect them. 2. Align the crossmember on one side, secure the alignment bar and crossmember with a clamp. 3. Make a preliminary hole for the screw and a deepening thicker in which its head will hide. After that, you can begin to screw the cross bar into place. 4. We do the same with the rest of the bars. 5. Now you need to cover the heads of the screws with putty on wood.To fix, open all varnish. Note:I did not do this and I did not form any rust. Although the woman uses this shelf in the bathroom constantly. Congratulations. You did everything. You did it. Now grab your favorite drink and the bathroom for testing. Present the shelf to your beloved now or hold it for St. Valentine's Day. Valentine. The choice is yours. I hope you enjoyed it.
Bathroom Shelf

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