Beautiful dresses with Luneville embroidery conquer the catwalks of the world

Luneville embroidery invented in France. It is used in cases where the wrong side of the product should be as accurate as the front side. This kind of decor is ideal for decorating thin transparent fabrics. Dresses with such decor look luxurious and elegant.

On the transparent fabric, the embroidery looks like a thin lace. To create it, use a hook, not a needle.

In bulk embroidery, beads, sequins and other decor are used.

Luneville embroidery allows you to fill a large space quickly enough. Therefore, dresses are often embroidered by hand.

Even the simplest silhouettes look incredibly solemn.

Such dresses should be worn in a combination of accessories concise form.

If you want to wear a more elaborate decoration, make sure that it is in harmony with the trim on the dress. All the decor should look like a single set.

A talented craftsman can copy the design you like to dress couture.

The technique allows you to sew exquisite outfits from the lightest and most transparent fabrics.

Both the dress itself and the appliqué attached to it can be embroidered. This decor allows you to simulate a very deep cuts.

Embroidered embroidery can complement the decor of the fabric. So the decorations will be even more interesting.

This finish looks very organic on velvet dresses. Their texture allows you to use a very bright decor, which could be too aggressive in combination with thinner fabrics.

With the help of bulk embroidery, you can hide the boundaries between different types of fabric on the product.

It’s hard to see where fashion ends and great art begins ...

The technique allows you to create shapes that can not be achieved with just one cut.

Transparent details and decollete in this design look restrained and elegant.

Bulk embroidery is an easy way to add glitter to a discreet, elegant item.

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