Beautiful Rococo Embroidery

I love to embroider and try to constantly find new methods and styles. Recently discovered an amazing way of embroidery in the style of "Rococo". The picture is volumetric and very lively, which I was particularly pleased with. Today I will teach you the basics of this style, and you will be able to embroider for yourself a wide variety of three-dimensional pictures. What does it take to work: • Embroidery hoops. • Several coils of a regular thread for sewing multiple colors. • Needle. • Scissors. • A piece of fabric.
What is required for work

The first thing we need to pull the fabric on the hoop. A smaller diameter ring is installed from the inside, a large ring is applied from the front side. We put the rings into each other and stretch the fabric, narrowing the rings with a special wheel.
 pull the fabric on the hoop
You can mark the selected design with a pencil or embroider "approximately".We thread the needle, we will embroider in two threads, so that we tie both ends of the thread into a knot. Insert the needle and pass it from the front.
 we will embroider in two threads
The edge of the thread that comes out of the fabric is wrapped around the front parts of the needle several times.
 we wrap around
We pass the needle into the rings wrapped around it and tighten the loop. It should be such a bulky stripe.
 We are threading a needle
Just in the same way, next to it, we make the second strip.
 make the second bar
Embroider a few more stripes to make a beautiful rosebud.
 We sew some more
Similarly, also do the rest of the flowers. They will consist of the crown of the tree.
 make the rest of flowers
I embroidered the sun with usual embroidery with strips. I also embroidered grass.
 dandelions are obtained
I created such a picture. You can repeat my work or invent something of your own. In this technique, dandelions, flowers, and much more are very beautiful.  Beautiful embroidery
Experiment and try any pictures. Thanks to the volume embroidery, they all "come to life."  Beautiful embroidery in the rococo style
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