Bimetallic radiators

In the modern world, outdated heating sources are gradually being superseded by new developments that have proven to be more efficient and cost effective. For example, soviet cast-iron pipes and heating systems are hopelessly outdated, which do not allow even half of the opportunities offered by modern heating systems to be realized.

Therefore, today we are talking about a heating system like that which you can buy at

Bimetallic radiators - today are the most effective method of heating and do not have competitors. Each part of which bimetallic batteries consist is a section equipped with collectors located at the top and bottom of the cell. Both collectors are fastened together by a channel, vertical arrangement. In order to transfer heat to the room as much as possible, each section has fins that increase its total area.

Outdated cast iron pipes.

Moreover, cast iron pipes are very bulky and quite difficult to dismantle. How to choose an alternative and where to start the search for high-quality batteries that will reliably warm your house or apartment during times of severe frost? This is what we decided to speculate in our material.

Why do you need batteries?

First of all, you need to find the answer to the question of exactly what type of heating system is right for you. Steam heating, electric boiler or gas heating? Another thing is that today floor convectors, installed directly into the floor, are gaining more popularity. Among the market leaders there are also bimetallic radiators, which are marked by high reliability and excellent quality. At the heart of their design are two metals, steel and aluminum. Unlike Western counterparts, domestic radiators are produced using sophisticated steel register technologies. In other words, domestic bimetallic radiators are 100% bimetal.

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