Book paper and wire beads

Master class, do-it-yourselfBeads from book paper and wire, which can later be used to make jewelry. If you age paper, the beads will look like old scrolls or in the style of steampunk.

Materials and tools:

  1. copper wire;
  2. clear decoupage glue (or PVA glue);
  3. brush;
  4. nippers;
  5. round nose pliers;
  6. pliers.

Step 1

Let's bite off a few pieces of copper wire (the length of the wire, choose it yourself, depending on what you need). With the help of round pliers, we make rings at both ends of the segment. The next step is to paint the wire black.

Step 2

Take the sheets from the book (or print the test on the sheets), we make the sheets old (tea or coffee,detailed instructions can be found on the website) and cut into strips of the required width. Then put glue on strips to protect the paper (can be in several layers).

Take the wire blanks and wrap paper strips on them, just do not forget to put glue on the inside of the strips. Cut off the excess, put glue on the bead and let it dry.

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