Master-class “Bottle-Monstro”

Master-class Bottle-Monstro
For the birth of a bottle, decorated leather, by the name of Monstro, take such materials and tools:
  • - a glass bottle;
  • - a pair of plastic eyes for toys;
  • - thin skin of dark color;
  • - a small piece of white or milky skin;
  • - transparent universal glue "Dragon";
  • - nail polish remover;
  • - cotton;
  • - ballpoint pen;
  • - cutting pliers;
  • - scissors;
  • - stationery knife and toothpick;
  • - tweezers.
Master-class Bottle-Monstro
After celebrating a solemn event, do not rush to throw out a glass bottle with smooth walls. Soak it in warm water to remove the labels. If glue remains on the glass, remove it with nail polish remover.
Master-class Bottle-Monstro
While the bottle is drying, prepare the monster's eyes. You can buy plastic eyes in a craft shop or quietly pick out a soft toy that you are about to throw out.Use pliers to remove excess plastic from parts of the eyes.
Master Bottle-Monstro Workshop
Apply a transparent universal glue to the front side of a small piece of dark skin.
Master Bottle-Monstro Workshop
Put an eye on the glue and wrap it, pulling on the skin, half the detail. This will result in a lower eyelid.
Master Bottle-Monstro Workshop
Similarly, make the upper eyelid. Let the glue dry a little.
Master Bottle-Monstro Workshop
Scissors cut off excess skin. Glue the eyes with a universal glue to the bottle. Turning your eyes, until the glue hardens, select the future expression on Monster's face.
Master Bottle-Monstro
Master-class bottle-monstro
While the bottle is dry, decorate the bottle cap. With a ballpoint pen draw the outline of the circle of the cover. Cut it and spread it with glue. Glue the leather circle on top of the lid, pulling the skin around the perimeter. Master-class Bottle-Monstro With the edge of a band of leather in the shape of the letter C wrap. Glue this strip with the wrapped edge to the top of the cover. Wrap the second edge with tweezers inside the cap.
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