Bridal bouquet: autumn style

Every season is beautiful in its own way. Autumn is the time when nature says goodbye to us, getting ready for winter sleep. Therefore, in parting, she gives us her brightest, most wonderful colors. The embodiment of this trend in the wedding theme gives the wedding a special charm, individuality, refinement, creativity. Such celebrations are always bright, passionate, inimitably sensual. The best time of the year is able to reflect the accessory, which is the second most important in the appearance of a bride after a wedding dress - a bouquet of the bride. A competent, professional approach to its compilation is very important, because it is by the bouquet that you can judge not only the subject of the wedding, but also the character, tastes, interests of the hero of the occasion.

Autumn color selection is no less wide and varied than summer. Do not make the composition trivial, making it solely from the noble, "festive" colors, which can usually be seen at such events.Even field flowering plants will play with bright colors, if you combine them with decorative greenery and other floristic materials. The harmony of the bouquet will depend entirely on the skill of the florist. Real masterpieces come out of the hands of creative masters, which are not possible to repeat.

The most effective way to create an autumn theme is to use in the composition the shades most characteristic of autumn. Orange and red tones will decorate any girl, bring juiciness, expressiveness and richness into the image of the bride. For this, the beloved roses of all shades of purple and orange are perfect. They are very effectively combined with sprigs of hypercium, always with berries. Red tones speak of dedication, vitality and self-confidence.

Of course, a bright bouquet should be in harmony with the style and color of the wedding dress. Ideal - to decorate the outfit with all sorts of autumn accessories. Red flowers are perfectly combined with snow-white outfit, decorated with purple decorative elements, you can also give preference to cream or pale lemon tones.It looks nice and a combination of orange shades with bronze, especially this is true for girls with tanned or swarthy skin, shaded with golden powder. And the finishing touch of the autumn bouquet will be a gold braid with a lush bow.

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