Bright Roeda Bergen penthouse in Stockholm

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Today a two-story penthouse with an area of ​​101 square meters, with high 6-meter ceilings, has got into my field of vision.

PenthouseRoeda Bergenis located in the city of Stockholm, Sweden, apartments of two floors, occupy a fairly small area. In addition to the united public area (living room, dining room and kitchen) there are two bedrooms, one on the first floor is the so-called guest room, and on the second is the master bedroom, also on the second floor there is another living room and an open area that serves as a study and library. They are connected by a glass bridge that passes from the stairs.

A penthouse with a free layout is usually considered the most convenient, especially if you need to place more rooms in it than was originally planned in the project. The influence of home architecture on interior design has become especially noticeable in the design of walls and with the depth of window openings. The interior is made in the traditional Scandinavian style with elements of modernity, which gives it lightness and inherent calm nobility.The symmetry underlying the layout becomes basic, where a contrasting combination of light walls and rich wood is played.

Date: 09.10.2018, 10:11 / Views: 44573

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