Brilliant decoration: decorative bowl for small items

In each house there are many small things that do not have their own place. They lie in different places, creating a sense of confusion. Make for them one or even several magnificent decorative bowls, which, moreover, will be an excellent element of decor.

You will need:

  • Two jars of sparkles (it is better to take two different colors);
  • PVA glue (or glue for decoupage);
  • balloon;
  • mixing bowl;
  • wide flat brush or spatula

Step 1:

Mix the sparkles in a plastic bowl and add the PVA glue to them. Mix well until smooth.

Inflate the balloon. Apply the mixture on the surface of the ball with a thick flat brush to achieve the formation of an even layer.

The ball should be covered with a shiny mass of half or more. The edges can be left perfectly flat. Dry the stock within 24 hours.

After the future bowl has dried, pierce the ball and remove its remnants.

It remains only to find the original decoration suitable place in the apartment. You can fill the bowl with light small things.

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