Bulbous perennials, able to winter in the ground

There are among the bulbous flowers such that winter frosts are not terrible. Dropping out the bulbs only once, then you can only thin out the flowers from time to time or plant them, forming beds and lawns. The flowering period of these flowers is different. If you wish, you can create in your own garden flower beds, blooming from early spring to mid-autumn.

Spring primroses

Fritters - amaze with their magnificence. They bloom much earlier than tulips, and look more like summer flowers. If necessary, plant grouse, dig out the bulbs should be in early summer, and planted back in August.

Another snow beauty, literally blooming from under the snow - hionodoksa. This flower grows not only in breadth, but also deeper, so it comfortably feels in one place for 4-5 years.

Scilla can also become garden flowers. Once brought from the forest, they will become a special decoration of the garden.For a lush bloom they will need to be transplanted every 3-4 years. The bulbs are dug up after flowering, dried, and planted back in September.

More than primroses

There are among bulbaceous and such, the flowering period of which depends on the variety. Spring crocuses blossom when the snow is just beginning to descend. And the flowering period of the crocus of the beautiful falls on September-October.

Among the white flowers can be found not only spring, but also summer and autumn.

The same goes for muscari. Among these flowers are both primroses, and summer handsome men.

Tulips can not be transplanted annually. It should be noted that over time, their bulbs "go" to the depth. Flowering in this case will be difficult. Bulbs bulb in the spring, and planted in the fall.

Daffodils are amazing flowers. Depending on the variety, they will enjoy their flowering from March to June. Replace them should be every 4-5 years. Extracted from the soil at the end of spring, the bulbs are planted only in autumn.

Dutch irises bloom early and please the eye until mid-May. These bulbous can tolerate drought and direct sunlight, but excessive moisture can harm them.

Summer beauties

In the summer heat riot of colors hit the lily. There are a lot of varieties here. This allows you to choose for the garden different in color and height of flowers.

Autumn crocuses are flowers of autumn that can give beauty in September-October. Sometimes it seems that this flower is dissolved in spite of everything. By the time of flowering the leaves of the autumn crocus are absent, but in spring they appear among the first. The flower is unpretentious, can be without a transplant for more than 5 years. If necessary, move the bulbs from one place to another in the middle of summer, after the leaves have dried. They must be landed at the end of August.

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