Buttons appliqué for children

The application of buttons for children is an excellent means of developing the imagination of accuracy and patience, training fingers and hands. Kids are happy to try to create new images from ordinary objects, including buttons, which attract with their bright colors and shape.

The button picture for children will be more interesting, the more diverse the buttons will be used to create it. . But among this diversity there should be a lot of identical parts that will be used to create one whole piece of the picture.

 button application

button application

 Button tree

Tree of buttons

When choosing a theme for a picture, you need to proceed from the fact which buttons you have available. The simplest theme for the application is a plain summer landscape. Draw with the child the outlines of a tree, a cloud, flowers.It is possible to depict a house and various pets, children with great pleasure enliven such characters. Look good drawings, circled and large coloring for kids.

Think about how you will distribute the buttons on the sheet. You can use one large button to create one object - for example, a flower or even a sun.

 Flower of Buttons

Flower of Buttons

Button sun

The sun from the buttons

Such an applique made of buttons for toddlers, which is still difficult to arrange different elements, is more suitable. But you can put the same flower and the sun with a set of identical or different in shape and color buttons. This version of the application is also suitable for older children - they will learn how to fold real button mosaics, selecting the most effective combinations of buttons.

Cloud with a button rain

Cloud with a rain from Buttons


The “summer” picture of buttons

With buttons you can lay out large fragments of the picture - for example, the whole sky, sea or grass. From a distance, such applications look especially impressive.

It is best to glue the buttons onto a transparent polymer glue. It will not be visible, even if the button is transparent, and leaves no visible traces with not very careful application. Older kids can be offered to work with a glue gun - it significantly speeds up the workflow, but requires extreme concentration.

Arm yourself with imagination, buttons, glue - and start creating unique masterpieces!

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