Buzova and Borodin have quarreled right on the air

The new show "House-2" almost turned into a ring.

The first release of the experimental program of TNT “Borodin v. Buzova” was released. And the audience clearly did not expect what they eventually saw on the screen.

The essence of the show is simple: Ksenia Borodina nominates for the departure two pairs of "households", Olga Buzova - four singles. Whose argumentation will be more convincing, he won. The decision is helped by experts and co-hosts of TV sets.

It should be noted that the presenters, apparently, practically do not communicate outside of work. Once they may have been friends, but two years ago, everything changed. Star girls talked about the conflict when Borodin was not seen as a guest at the celebration of the next birthday of Olga Buzova. Fans built their theories and even suspected that Borodin was the unwitting culprit of the betrayal of Dmitry Tarasov, ex-wife of Olga. They say that it was she who introduced the football player to a pretty girl, who became interested in Dmitry.Read more about this here.

Be that as it may, it seems that on the air the girls gave vent to their emotions. Even in the first minutes of the release, co-host of Dom-2, Vlad Kadoni, remarked: “Olya seemed to have done everything to be higher than Ksyusha: heels were high, he had a bunch on her head ... Ksyusha looks like a younger sister.”

Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina
Photo: shot from the show

And Olga kept quite arrogant. “I don't want to talk to you, shut up,” she told the program participants. And then completely forced them to chant their name.

True, Buzova from the very beginning actively defended those whom Borodina wanted to expel from the project. “How can you expel bright people? Imagine, if someone tells me: “Leave the stage,” she turned to the audience. - I will leave only in 80 years, when I get tired to sing. Although it was precisely in this that Xenia supported her, deciding not to exaggerate the conflict: “Olya, you are bright, brave, you need those on stage.”

But gradually the disputes between the leading beauties grew ever hotter. In the heat of passions, Borodin even threw an apple at a TV station member Daria Druzyak, who did not want to calm down.

And when discussing Sergey Krylov, whom Buzova dismissively called a tractor driver and advised him to study how to care for girls beautifully, jokes from the presenters just fell down.“I’m not justifying such men at 32, and you wouldn't be in your place, you are still 36 years old,” said Buzova, co-host, adding an extra year to her. “No, Ol, I turned 44,” Borodin was offended.

Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina
Buzova depicts how a man gives a rose
Photo: Shot from the show

Speaking of men. In a dialogue with Artyom Soroka, who ranked Buzov to a clan of the same individuals as himself, Olga in the heat of the moment opened the curtain of secrecy: “Why are you so sure? Maybe I just don’t advertise my relationship now. ” Recall, recently the singer pleases fans not only with new hits, but also more and more intriguing. Just recently, the TV star admitted that she was finally “happy as a woman”, and then shared her thoughts about the wedding. Read more about this here.

As for the show, it formally ended with Olga’s victory: it was in her direction that those present in the studio bowed. “I knew that I would be the winner and everyone would support me,” the star said. “No one has held you yet, and you are already running ahead of the locomotive,” retorted Borodina.

By the way, in Instagram of both girls, Internet users mostly praise Ksyusha, but Olga is called too much fixated on herself.Well, let's see if passions from release to release will heat up and how the next show will end.

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