Candy makeup-new trend of social networks

New Year's holidays are getting closer, which means you can already think about what outfit to come up with for the main night of the year. You can limit yourself to classic make-up, but it is much more interesting to keep festive motifs in your make-up. Then, even in the most modest outfit or even in a simple sweater with Christmas decorations, you can look simply irresistible.
You can try to translate a few ideas. Something for the holiday itself, something during a visit or on the New Year party party. After all, there is still Christmas, and even Old New Year! For the most shy - patterns on nails, or just shades of your favorite Christmas desserts in makeup.

A traditional cane-shaped eyeliner is too bold for a formal event. But at a friendly party at the fireplace such arrows will make an unforgettable impression. Just draw a thick line with a white eyeliner, and add red stripes with matte lipstick.

Every day with such a make-up, of course you don’t seem like ... But in the New Year holidays you can come off in full!

Perhaps not every fashionista decide on such bold decisions as candy arrows. If you need a more classic image - pay attention to the lipstick saturated colors. For example, this resembles in color mulled wine.


And this one has the color of Christmas itself. It seems that someone is ready to believe in Santa Claus again. What about the color of ripe cherry?

This lipstick as if created for kissing under the branch of mistletoe!

You can add a festive mood to a manicure with the help of golden accents.

Or just cover a few nails with sparkles. They can be mixed into your usual lacquer.

But the hit of this year is a matte varnish coating. You can choose several harmonizing shades at once and add a nail design on one nail.

Whatever you choose, remember, holidays are the best time for experiments.

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