Cards with embroidery "Couplesoflittleanimals"

Cards with embroidery "Couples of little animals"- making a postcard with embroidery pasted on top.

Materials and tools:

  1. thread according to the key;
  2. white canvas 20x20 cm;
  3. white cardboard
  4. bulk adhesive pads.


Step 1

Iron off the embroidery from the seamy side. Cut and dissolve the outer row of blocks of canvas along the entire perimeter.

Glue the white cardboard to the seamy side of the embroidery using double-sided tape. Cut a 14x21 cm postcard and fold it in half.

Attach the embroidered design to the front of the postcard, using volume glue pads.

Thanks to bulky adhesive pads, embroidery will be slightly raised relative to the cardboard backing.

Date: 09.10.2018, 10:06 / Views: 71342

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