Care for sensitive skin: basic recommendations

It is a mistake to believe that sensitive skin is a separate type. No, in fact it means an abnormal reaction of the skin to the application of cosmetics and the impact of other external factors. The most basic symptoms of an unhealthy skin reaction are redness, itching, stinging, peeling and the appearance of rash irritation. In addition to cosmetics and procedures, such phenomena may appear in response to heat, cold or strong wind. But despite all the difficulties, care for sensitive skin is not so complicated. See for yourself by reading below.

Care for sensitive skin - recommendations and tips

How to care for sensitive skin

  1. Cleansing procedures. If nature has rewarded you with such skin, then washing with mineral water will be very useful. For the removal of cosmetics recommended the use of a special cleansing milk, effectively removing makeup and pollution. In the morning and before going to bed, the face should be cleansed with a tonic vitamin lotion, which does not contain alcohol.
  2. Application of moisturizers.When buying a cream for sensitive skin, pay attention to the fact that it contains emollient oils and antioxidants. The tool should also have a sunscreen effect and have a light texture. You should not naively believe that if the composition contains mainly vegetable components, then the cream is useful and completely harmless.
    Care for sensitive skin - recommendations and tips
    Some extracts and essential oils of plants can cause severe irritation or even allergic reactions. Therefore, be sure to see that the package was marked "hypoallergenic".
  3. Skin care at night. Before you go to bed you need to lubricate the means for night care. As a rule, it is serum or cream. This cosmetics has regenerating and nourishing properties, actively saturates the cells of the epidermis with oxygen. In no case do not use daycare products before going to bed - wake up with swelling.
  4. Makeup. All decorative cosmetics should have medicinal properties and be hypoallergenic. As a tonal tool is better to use a lightweight fluid or bb-cream.
  5. Extra care.If you are fond of the use of masks, you will have to abandon the hardening components (yolk, clay, kefir). When making a mask for sensitive skin refrain from the use of fruit acids.

Peeling such skin is recommended no more than once a week. Soft and fine substances (for example, soda) should act as abrasives.

Care for sensitive skin - recommendations and tips

Protection against other aggressive factors

In addition to the above measures for the care of sensitive skin, there are also other actions aimed at protecting it.

  1. In order to avoid reaction to chlorinated water, when visiting the pool, apply a water-repellent emulsion.
  2. Try to sunbathe less. During the period of active sun, use the means with the maximum degree of protection from the sun.
  3. Try to drink more water (1.5-2 liters per day). Exclude from the diet salty, as this salt contributes to dehydration.
  4. Eat more fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and cereals.

Care for sensitive skin - recommendations and tips

As you can see, the care of sensitive skin is a whole set of rules and recommendations that cannot be ignored. But do not be upset, because to take care of yourself is so nice!

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