Carrot lips - the most fashionable makeup of the season

And do not say that you do not go, do not even think! Orange lipstick exists in more than a hundred of both matte and nacreous shades, both thick lipsticks and transparent lusters, cold, warm, with different color accents, but with a constant sunny heart. And what poetic names: tangerine tango, ruby ​​red, delicate poppy, bright coral, flirtatious citrus, elektirk.

Orange, carrot, brick invariably refresh face. It is necessary to find your shade, and the skin will shine.

However, the bold and cardinal color of the lips will also inevitably draw attention to the imperfections of the face, emphasize the imperfections of the makeup. Choosing this lipstick, it is important to be able to harmoniously combine shades of shadows and blush, to avoid the conflict of cold and warm tones.

As for clothes, white clothes will be the perfect backdrop for a bright make-up: a strict trouser suit of thick fabric, a flying light skirt, a small lace dress - all options are win-win.Transparent gloss of trendy carrot shade will make a wonderful batch with peach, yellow, orange outfits. Although glitters seem to be appropriate outfits of all shades of citrus.

With a beige dress, coral lips will look extremely sexy, and with blue defiantly stylish.

Spring-summer season - it's time to start experimenting with carrot lipstick, especially since all respected cosmetic brands have already presented their collections of new lipsticks. You can not miss the opportunity to try both luxury and democratic shades of coral.

Date: 09.10.2018, 09:36 / Views: 95441

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