Charming pillow owls. Simple pattern and photo ideas

Decorative owls - very simple in execution and at the same time charming decor. All parts are sewn directly to the body of the product, and not sewn inside. Such owls can act as decorative pillows, and if you take a smaller pattern, then key chains, toys for cars, and even bags! Finally, sewing owls is so simple that even a beginner can cope with it.

It will take quite a bit of work:

  • fabric (preferably in different colors and patterns);
  • packing;
  • scissors;
  • eye buttons;
  • needle thread or sewing machine;
  • pattern-pattern.

Prepare the pattern, cut out all the details and transfer them to the fabric. First, the owl's body is stitched, then small details are added (beak, eyes, etc.). Only after that the toy is stuffed and additionally decorated with a butterfly, flowers of choice. You can also make the owl the eyelids (half of the eyes on the pattern) and the wings. Beak and legs preferably made of a fabric of the same color.

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