Children's crochet set (mittens, hat and scarf loop)

Knit crochet beautifulChildren's set of mittens, caps with ears muzzle and scarf loop. Such a set is sure to please your baby.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (53% wool, 47% polyacryl, 50m / 50gr) 350g gray-black-and-white for mittens, hats and scarf-loops
  2. hook number 7.

Pattern Description

The main pattern in rows in the forward and reverse directions: Art. b / n, with the thread to enter the hook constantly carry out before work and start each row with additional air. for height.

The main pattern in circular rows in a spiral: we knit, as described above, only in a spiral, that is, after the 1st circular row.

1st st. b / n of the 2nd circular series is performed directly in the 1st st. b / n of the 1st round row.

Density of knitting:9p x 8p = 10 x 10 cm, connected with the main pattern.

Sizes:mittens 5/6, cap - 44-48, scarf-loop - 16 cm (height) x 140 cm (girth).

Knitting description

Start knitting with the basics of knitting crochet mitts (basic course).

Right mitt

For the upper part, increase the number of loops to 16 loops. Knit the main pattern in a spiral.

9.5 cm from the initial row of knit thumb jumper = 18 loops.

For the thumb, increase the number of loops to 8 loops. Through 3.5 cm from the initial row knit the jumper thumb = 10 loops. Then we tie all the loops as described, and at the same time, accordingly, we perform the cuts for the thumb thumb = 26 loops. Next, we knit on the remaining hinges according to the pattern, while for the wedge of the thumb we perform 4 times in each circular row of a decrease.

On the remaining 18 loops we continue to knit the cuff and after 6 cm from the beginning of the cuff we finish the work.


The seam of the transition of the thumb to the inside of the mitten is performed with the end of the thread of the thumb.

Left Mitten

We knit like a right mitten.


Perform the initial chain of 40 air. p., without tightening the loop, we close it into the ring with the help of 1 conn. Art., then knit the main pattern in a spiral. After 14 cm from the initial row in the next circular row / of the spiral we sew each 7th and 8th loop = 35 loops together.In the next 2 nd circular row / spiral we knit together every 6th and 7th loop = 30 n. Then, in each next circular row / spiral, we decrease 5 loops 4 more times. The remaining 10 loops are tightened with a working thread, the end of the thread is carefully sewn.


Black thread knit in the thread ring 8 tbsp. b / n. This and the next round row starting with 1 additional air. etc. and end with the help of 1 connection. Art. in the 1 st century. b / n. In the 2nd circular row in each loop perform 2 tbsp. b / n, then we finish the work.


Black thread perform the initial chain of 5 air. etc. and we tie it around st. In the 2nd and 3rd rows we decrease 1 loop from both sides, then we finish the work.


For the valves for the ears, we mark the front cut of the cap with 15 loops each and we tie 9 loops with the main pattern on both sides of them. After the 2nd row, subtract 1 loop from each side in each row. After 7 rows of tying the valves for the ears, leave the last 3 loops untied. For each ear, we perform a chain of 9 sur. n., the chain is tied with the main pattern. After 2 rows from the initial row, we subtract from both sides in each 2nd row 1 loop each. After 7 rows from the initial row, the last 3 loopsleave unbound. Round the ears and the bottom edge of the cap tied with a black thread 1 row of Art. b / n. We sew the ears, as in the photo. Sew on eyes and white thread with several stitches embroider eyeballs. Sew on nose and black mustache.

Scarf loop

Perform the initial chain of 15 air. n. and knit the main pattern 140 cm, then finish the work. Sew the initial and last row.

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